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Teresa’s Kitchen

August 8, 2022

If you follow this blog, you’ll know this isn’t my first blog post about Teresa’s Kitchen.

This Mexican food truck quickly became my favorite truck at Lunchtime Live a couple of years ago. At the time, they were just getting started. They had a pretty small truck and were doing a few events plus setting up in the Edison neighborhood. Things have changed in two years.

Teresa’s Kitchen now has a much bigger truck. They still do their events including Lunchtime Live and setting up in the Milwood Neighborhood in front of Milwood Quick Stop. I thought I should probably do another blog since they’ve upgraded their ride.

Teresa’s Kitchen almost always has a line during Lunchtime Live. The day I stopped a couple of Friday’s ago was no different.

The menu is pretty classic taco truck fare. There are tacos, burritos, quesadilla’s, tamales…all things you can eat quickly on the go.

I’m pretty boring when it comes to this truck but there’s a reason for it. I always order the Birria Tacos. Hands down, these are the best Birria Tacos in Kalamazoo. Like, it’s not even close.

When I got to the window, I put in my order for just the tacos. You can do a plate that adds rice and beans for another couple of bucks but I don’t really like rice or beans. I did add on a Mt. Dew which brought my total to $13 before tip.

It really only took about two minutes for my name to be called once I paid. I had walked away from the window to wait and was shocked to hear my name so quickly. I looked around to make sure I was the only one with that name then went up and grabbed the boxed up tacos. I headed back to the office to eat since it’s pretty close by.

The styrofoam container of food comes with three Mexican style Birria tacos and a consommé to dip them in.

The tacos would be pretty fabulous on their own. The corn tortillas are stuffed with birria beef, cilantro, and onion then they’re quickly fried in the oil leftover from the cooking process. They turn in to this amazing cross between a hard shell and soft shell taco.

The consommé is really what sets these tacos apart. You don’t need it to have delicious tacos but this consommé makes these tacos absolutely amazing. There’s more in the plastic container than you actually need so you can go nuts. There’s a little bit of cilantro and onion in the mixture to add some flavor.

I’m always happy when I see Teresa’s Kitchen pull up to Bronson Park on Friday’s. These tacos are just so dang good. I get a little bit sad when summer ends because it gets a little harder to find Teresa’s.

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