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Teresa’s Kitchen

August 26, 2020

  • 821 Fulton Street (Food Truck)
  • Kalamazoo, MI 49001
  • (269) 254-4079
  • Website
  • Menu

Food trucks have been really great this summer…moreso than usual.  I’m still pretty hesitant when it comes to going in to restaurants so walking up to a food truck takes a lot of that anxiety away.

Lunchtime Live is one of the few things that are somewhat normal about this summer.  The food trucks roll on to South Street every Friday for lunch and while there’s not as many people, there’s still a lot of different options to choose from.

I have been itching to try the Mexican truck that showed up this year.  It’s a really small truck with a really big menu and the line is always the longest by far.

Teresa’s Kitchen has been making waves on the food truck scene the last few months.  I first heard about this taco truck when they started setting up in front of their house on Fulton Street in the Edison Neighborhood.  They quickly got a following and a lot of word of mouth advertising before starting to show a presence as some of the local food truck events.

Teresa’s Kitchen had the longest line by far and I actually thought for quite a while about going somewhere else.  I really wanted tacos though so I eventually did get in line.  It moved really quickly so I was glad I stuck it out.

The menu is quite large.  They have all of the Mexican favorites.  They do tacos both the Mexican and American ways.  They have the plates with rice and beans if you like those things or they do almost everything on their menu a la carte.  Also, there’s Elote.

I kind of went overboard because I really wanted tacos.  They had Birria tacos made with brisket marinated in an adobo sauce.  I clearly got that…duh.  I also wanted some steak tacos so I got two of them as well.  The total cost was a little over $17 and I ended up with a lot of food.

The Birria Tacos came three to an order.  They were wrapped in a freshly deep fried tortilla hard shell.  Inside the shell was a really strong, flavorful tender beef with cilantro and onions.  There was a really thin dipping sauce served with the tacos.  I managed to spill this on my shirt immediately.  It was a really beefy sauce that just intensified the flavor of the brisket.

The two steak tacos I got to go with the special were pretty standard.  They’re seasoned steak wrapped in a single tortilla with cilnatro and onion.  The tortillas were really flaky and didn’t have much flavor to them.  Same with the steak.  It was tender and there was a lot of it but that was about it.  The hot sauce that came with the tacos really made these delicious.

Teresa’s Kitchen is a pretty standard..but delicious…definition of Mexican street food.  I have proclaimed my love for tacos over and over on this blog so I’m always excited to find someone else’s take on such a simple food.  I really enjoyed the Birria tacos and would absolutely wait in line for them again.


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