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Village Inn

June 28, 2019

  • 1520 Lincoln Road
  • Allegan, MI 49010
  • (269) 673-2317
  • No Known Website
  • Menu

Did you Allegan had a splash pad?  It’s new this year right on the riverfront near the Allegan Event zipline downtown.

We were looking for something to do on a Sunday morning when B said he wanted to go get breakfast.  It doesn’t happen very often that one of our kids asks to go out to eat somewhere that isn’t a McDonalds with a PlayPlace.

There’s actually a brewery in Allegan I had been wanting to try but it turns out, that was closed.  My plan was to go there then use the, “if you’re good we’ll go to the Splash Pad.”  I did that anyway, but I replaced brewery with breakfast.

The Village Inn is just outside the Allegan city limits on Lincoln Street (or M-40) in Allegan Township east of the city.  The small restaurant has been around for many years and while it shares it’s name with a chain of family breakfast restaurants, it doesn’t seem to have any affiliation with pancake houses headquartered in Nashville, TN.

There was actually a little bit of a wait when we got there just before noon on a Sunday morning.  I had totally forgot it was Sunday.  It was only about a 5-10 minute wait before they could get us into a booth along the wall.

The restaurant decor is a little dated.  It has a very 80’s feel with a tile floor, dark leather seat coverings over light wood furniture, a chair rail that doesn’t offer a lot of contrast to a very neutral, comfortable wall, a drop ceiling with ceiling fans, and stained glass hanging lights over the tables.

The man who sat us asked if we wanted breakfast or lunch menus (or both).  We all chose breakfast.  The menu is pretty classic family restaurant favorites.  I ordered the Steak and Eggs.  There is options for a 6 oz steak, a ribeye, or 2 grilled pork chops.  I stuck to the 6 oz steak which came out perfect medium rare.  It needed a little bit of seasoning or some searing to give it a little more flavor but the steak itself was cooked absolutely perfectly.  The very full plate also contained very crispy, delicious hash browns, two over medium eggs that oozed just a little bit and two slices of white toast.

J picked the Bacon and Cheese omelette.  The three egg omelette was bursting with bacon.  I actually should have taken a picture once she opened it up because there was almost more bacon than cheese.  It had large, crispy chunks of bacon that were smothered in cheddar cheese.  She said she’d never had an omelette with so much bacon in it before.

B was the one that asked to go to breakfast and we quickly found out why.  He ordered the silver dollar pancakes and he couldn’t wait for me to get butter on them so he could eat them.  There six small pancakes on his plate alongside a big portion of whipped butter.  He was eating them almost as fast as I could butter them.  We gave one to L and that almost backfired.  We didn’t think he’d eat as much as he did but he was really hungry and really wanted pancakes apparently.  We also got him a side of bacon which didn’t last long on his plate either.

L kept it simple and ordered herself  One Egg, Toast, and Two slices of bacon.  She pretty much cleared her plate too.  Both kids eat the best when we go out for breakfast and breakfast is the meal we go out for the least.

The bill for our meal was was a little less than $25 before tip and it’s paid at a cash register right next to the door on your way out.

The Village Inn really did what we needed that Sunday morning.  B asked several times after we left, “Can we go back to that breakfast place again?” so we know he liked it.  We got a really good breakfast pretty quickly that got us back on our way to go spend an afternoon playing in the Splash Pad.


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  1. June 28, 2019 10:18 pm

    There is nothing better than a great greasy spoon. I love going out to breakfast and honestly when I go to cheesecake factory (a favorite) I like to get breakfast! There is just something yummy about eggs and breakfast potatoes and bread! 🙂

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