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Plainwell Ice Cream Company

July 5, 2019

  • 621 E. Bridge Street
  • Plainwell, MI 49080
  • (269) 685-8586
  • Website
  • Menu

Is there a better way to get the kids to leave a splash pad than to bribe them with ice cream?   That was rhetorical.  We all no the answer is no.

We were looking for something to do a few Sunday’s ago and I suggested we go to breakfast then check out the new splash pad in Allegan.  We did breakfast at The Village Inn then played for about an hour on the Perrigo Splash Pad behind downtown Allegan.

There was a gift shop open right behind the splash pad that was selling ice cream bars but we told the kids they could wait fifteen minutes and we’d drive back to Plainwell.

We stopped at Plainwell Ice Cream Company because at some point, we realized we had never been there.  I checked my blog and couldn’t find an entry and I never pass up blogging about new places.

Plainwell Ice Cream Company is on the east side of town as you’re heading out of the city on M-89 which is known as Bridge Street in town.  The corner of Bridge and Broad Streets used to house Newman’s Ice Cream which was opened by a former employee of cross-town rival Dean’s Ice Cream in the 1950’s.  In 1978, the business was sold and became Plainwell Ice Cream Company.

The small building wasn’t quite busting at the seems on this hot summer afternoon but there were quite a few people already eating ice cream when we walked in.  The business is just big enough for an order area displaying a large variety of house made ice cream….

..and a small dine-in area with a couple of small tables which were all full when we ordered.

The ice cream freezer is set up with the large boxes of different flavors.  There were a couple people in front of us but the ladies scooping ice cream were working quickly.  The kids had picked their flavors by the time someone looked at me and asked if we were ready.

J and L each got a cone.  It’s be over a week now that I’m finally writing this so I don’t actually remember what flavors.  We were smart enough to ask for the smallest sizes they have so we could all handle the ice cream.

B and I each ordered a scoop in a dish.  B ordered Cotton Candy and I ordered Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.  I actually remembered B’s order because I was surprised he didn’t do some kind of Mint which has recently become a favorite of his.

We took our ice cream outside where they have a few beat up wooden benches in front of the store to sit on.  People sitting outside of the brick building is kind of iconic.  I’ve passed this place so many times on M-89 and there’s always someone sitting on the bench.  It’s the picture I paint in my head whenever someone mentions Plainwell Ice Cream.

Our bill for the four ice cream treats was a little over $12.

Plainwell Ice Cream is such a great place to stop at or drive out of your way to in Plainwell.  The ice cream was so creamy and delicious and, best of all, we were able to easily select a portion size that didn’t waste half of what we paid for.   We’ve had Plainwell Ice Cream before and always enjoyed it, but this was the first time at their place.  It’s one of those somewhat iconic Michigan restaurants that you just have to visit.

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  1. Marlene Kimmey permalink
    August 21, 2021 11:49 am

    Who would have known we’d be pictured eating ice cream! My friends would all tell you I’m an ice cream aficionado, always posting the National Ice Cream Days on FB.

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