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Sanders Chocolate & Ice Cream Shopped (Mackinac Island)

September 24, 2019

  • 7330 Main Street
  • Mackinac Island, MI 49757
  • (906) 847-0250
  • Website
  • Menu

My family doesn’t even ask anymore.  It’s just expected I come home from my work trips to Mackinac Island with fudge.

I went for a walk Saturday night just because I haven’t really spent much time in downtown on any of my trips there.  In the past, we’ve always stayed either at Mission Pointe or in Mackinaw City.  This time, we stayed downtown at the Lake View Hotel so it gave me some more time to just enjoy downtown Mackinac Island at night.

A few of the fudge shops were already closed and a few were starting the closing process but I found one shop that still had the light on and doors, it was one of the shops I haven’t bought fudge from they were the ones that got to make my family happy on this trip.

Sanders Chocolate and Ice Cream Shoppe has a pretty rich Michigan history.  The Sanders name dates back to the 1870’s in the Detroit area.  Over the last 140 years or so, the Sanders chain grew to as many as 57 stores in the Great Lakes area.  By 2002, almost all of them had closed and the company name and recipes were bought by a competitor who chose to keep the Sanders name on some of the stores in Detroit.  There are nine Sanders stores now.  Eight of those in Metro Detroit.  The other is on the corner of Main and Astor Streets in downtown Mackinac Island.

The store is kind of in an L-Shape with the chocolate portion of the business on one side and the ice cream part on the other.  There are also displays with prepackaged snacks and drinks throughout the store.

I passed right past the ice cream to get to the case with all the flavors of sliced fudge.

I asked for three slices of fudge.  I got the Cookies and Cream for myself, the Chocolate Peanut Butter for the kids and Vanilla Sea Salt Caramel for J.

As the lady was boxing them up, I tempted myself with some of their hand made chocolates.  They’re also so pretty and so tempting…I was going to get something to eat yet that night but decided to be good instead.

The cost for the three slices of fudge was $21 which is pretty typical.  The more fudge you buy, the cheaper each slice gets.

Bringing home fudge is so cliche when going to Mackinac Island but I can never resist.  I brought pizza home for dinner Sunday night and as soon as we got done, my daughter asked if she could serve us all fudge.

She, B, and I all started with the Cookies and Cream.  This is always, by far, my favorite flavor.  B took one bite and said, “it’s so creamy.”  I had to agree.  It was super creamy and soooo good.

L cut off a piece of the Vanilla Sea Salt Caramel for J.  This one is different because sea salt caramel is usually done with dark chocolate which makes it hard to eat a lot at once.  Doing it with vanilla fudge made it pretty crushable.  The best thing about this fudge is the salt is mixed in to the fudge…not just on top.  She thought at first I was wrong about buying sea salt caramel until she took a bite.

The Chocolate Peanut Butter was everyone’s least favorite of the three but it is still amazingly creamy, delicious fudge.  There’s a line of peanut butter fudge mixed in the middle and a dollop of peanut butter fudge on top.

A lot of times it’s pretty much just pick a fudge place and it’s going to be delicious.  That is the case with the fudge from Sanders but I can tell you, I’ve never had my kids say “it’s so creamy” from any of the other places on Mackinac Island.

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