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Piper’s Grinders Galore (Constantine)

November 16, 2018

  • 156 S. Washington Street
  • Constantine, MI 49042
  • (269) 435-7115
  • Website
  • Menu

Another trip to St. Joseph County and another new restaurant blog.  This time I wasn’t going to see my in-laws though.  I got sent to Constantine for work so it was me and a co-worker make the trip down 131.

Our task in Constantine was quick.  We were done in about twenty minutes then it was time to head back to Kalamazoo.  I was pretty hungry though and while there aren’t a lot of options in Constantine for a quick lunch, one popped in my head pretty quickly.

Piper’s Grinders Galore is in downtown Constantine on Washington Street across the street from Constantine Brewing Company.  Downtown Constantine looks like a lot of small town downtowns.  The block is lined with 100 year old brick buildings that host a hodge podge of businesses and apartments.  This is one of two locations for the business with the other being in Sturgis.  [UPDATE:11/16/18 9:24 PM – It was pointed out to me by the business that the Piper’s in Sturgis and the Piper’s in Constantine only share a name.  They are no longer part of the same business and have no connection to each other]

I called in my order as we were finishing up at the job site and was told it would take about ten minutes which I thought sounded quick but was actually a really good thing.

I took my time finishing up what I was doing and driving across town.  Parking is along the not quite as busy as it used to be street that used to be US-131 but now is just the Business Loop as the highway actually goes around town now.

The restaurant is much bigger than I thought it would be and has quite a bit of seating.  Most of that is along one wall in semi-private wood booths.  There’s an interesting combination of lime green paint and porch fencing that give the building a distinct look.

The order counter is a window cut out of the wall in the back.  The menu hangs above the window on old Pepsi sign boards.  There was a large group of construction workers in front of me putting in their orders so it took a few minutes longer than it should have but my whole pizza grinder was waiting for me when I got to the front.

The sandwich was a little under $10 before tip which I paid for on my card.  I grabbed the large bag then  headed back to the car to make the trip back to Kalamazoo.

The sandwich was pretty much what I expected it to be…a long piece of bread filled with pepperoni, marinara sauce, and mozzarella cheese.  The sandwich is baked in a pizza oven instead of the conveyor oven’s that places like Mancino’s use.  The bread was a little soft and didn’t have the crunchy bits around the edges but it still had great flavor.  The sandwich had a pretty thick layer of cheese and pepperoni which really gave the sandwich a little bit of a spicy kick.

Piper’s Grinders Galore is the epitome of a home town pizza place.  They crank out a pretty extensive menu of sandwiches alongside pizzas.  My in-laws live pretty close to Sturgis now and we will start exploring pizza places there soon.  I will definitely recommend the Piper’s there based on this experience in Constantine. [Irrelevant.  As I explained earlier, the restaurants have no connection to each other]    It’s not going to win any big pizza awards but it is the kind of place you will miss once you move away.

Piper's Grinders Galore Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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