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St. Julian Winery Retail Outlet – Union Pier

September 6, 2010

  • 9145 Union Pier Road
  • Union Pier, MI 49129
  • (269) 469-3150
  • Website

Oh, detours.  For some reason, my mom got the idea to meet halfway for lunch on Labor Day.  Since she wanted to do it, I agreed even though J and I are driving to her house just three days from now.

As you would expect, the trip didn’t go very smoothly.  For some reason, my parents prefer to travel out of their way and take I-65 to I-94 instead of I-57 to I-94 (seriously, look at map).  When they did that, they got stuck in a Labor Day parade in Lowell, IN and it set them way back.

J and I were already pretty close to our final destination of New Buffalo so we needed a time killer.  J actually wanted to stop at St. Julian in Paw Paw on the way home and pick up a couple bottles of wine for this weekend when she goes to dinner with some high school.  Since we were going to pass one of their tasting rooms on our way to New Buffalo and we had time to kill, she suggested just pulling off.

The St. Julian Winery Retail Outlet in Union Pier is right off Exit 4 on Union Pier Road.  It sort of sits behind the Round Barn Winery tasting room.  I thought about going there because they also have the beer tasting room, but I know St. Julian and we know which wines we like from there.

The building is pretty much a retail outlet with a tasting bar in the middle of the room.  The walls are lined with bottles of St. Julian’s best wines.  While you can get a number of St. Julian wines at the local mega mart, there are some really tasty ones (and vodka) that you can only get at the retail outlets.

We weren’t really up for tasting today because I don’t really like wine.  I did the tasting at the Paw Paw winery when we took J’s mom there earlier this year, but it’s not something I’m going to do very often.

Instead, we started looking for wines.  About the only one I really like is the Kosher wine called Shalom.  I know I’m not going to be drinking any because I’m going to be at a White Sox game while J is at her friend’s house for dinner, but I also know at least one of the guys at this “dinner party” likes that wine as well.  It’s a really sweet wine and I’m sure that’s why I actually like it.

J went back and forth because she actually likes the Catawba.  I told her to grab both.  They would get drank eventually…even if she brought one of the bottles home.

She grabbed both bottles and headed to pay while I continued to look around the shop.  There are a few premium food stuffs along one wall…mostly meats and cheeses… that I looked over.  I walked back up to her just in time to see the bill which was a little over $17.

The Union Pier retail shop is really a pretty good alternative to stopping at the winery if you’re just looking to buy or taste the wines.  They don’t have the winery, obviously, which is what makes going to Paw Paw worth a trip, but it’s easy on and off access from I-94.  Since we travel back and forth to Chicago quite a bit, we know now that if we need to pick up wine, St. Julian has a great little retail shop just north of the Michiana border.

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