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Arby’s – Westnedge, Portage

April 26, 2010

  • 5333 S. Westnedge Avenue
  • Portage, MI 49002
  • (269) 344-2617
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Another lazy day.  Not lazy as laying around getting nothing accomplished.  Lazy as in I just wanted something quick for lunch.

J and I had to run an errand but neither of us were in the mood to sit down and eat anywhere.  We drove by Taco Bell and saw the sign for $.69 tacos, but we just had tacos.  We were still talking about it until I brought up my favorite fast food restaurant.

Since it’s on the way home, we headed back to Arby’s on Westnedge just north of the I-94 interchange.  I love Arby’s.  I know that’s weird coming from a food blogger, but Arby’s has always been my guilty pleasure.  I don’t eat there often because I don’t like eating fast food, but I do like to sneak a roast beef in every now and then. In fact, my family has always eaten at Arby’s.  Even now when I go home and my parents “take me out for lunch.”  They don’t mean some hip local joint.  Hell, they don’t even  mean Applebees.  They mean Arby’s.

The store on South Westnedge is pretty small.  The dining room is not huge and just to add more seating, they have a counter that runs along a hallway right after you walk in the door. 

We must have hit them at a bad time.  There was only a manager and another guy working.  They were both working their asses off trying to keep up.  The manager was running the register, the drive thru, the fryer, and anything else except the sandwich making.  Another guy was cranking out sandwiches as fast as he could.

After waiting a few minutes for them to get somewhat caught up at the drive thru, the manager came over to take our order.  My order was simple.  I wanted a Large #3 which is the Large Roast Beef combo.  When this sandwich first came out, it was called the Big Montana.  It’s way too much meat on one bun, but I freaking love.  The fresh cut roast beef kind of makes the bun soggy which is something I just love.  J, not being a beef eater, gets grossed out just looking at it, but to me, it’s heaven.  For the side, I just got the fries.  I really wish Arby’s would bring back the Homestyle Fries at all locations.  When they had them, they were by far my favorite fast food fries.  The seasoned curly fries are good, but nowhere near as good as the Homestyle.

J didn’t used to be a big fan of Arby’s and always cringed when my family would want to eat there.  Yes, even when they come visit us, they think Arby’s is a valid suggestion.  Anyway, she’s changed her opinion after having the Toasted Subs.  This time, she ordered the Turkey Bacon Club.  The sandwich is supposed to come with turkey breast, cheese, peppered bacon, mayo, lettuce, onion, and tomato on a ciabatta roll.  She got the sandwich without the mayo, onion, and tomato.  Instead of fries, she went with the loaded potato bites and Mandarin Peach Iced FruitTea instead of pop.  There was a lot of meat on her sandwich so she took a big chunk of it off just to cut it down some.  She didn’t complain or really say anything so I’ll assume that means she liked it.

Our bill was around $16, but with Arby’s, you really do get a lot of food.  I was stuffed after I finished eating to the point it hurt.  I probably could have got away with a medium, but I wanted the large Pepsi.  The service was a little slow, but it was due to a lack of staffing and not so much who was working.  The people working were working their butts off, but it was hard to keep up.  Still, I wanted to eat at Arby’s because I really like Arby’s.  I got exactly what I wanted.

Large Roast Beef

Curly Fries

Turkey Bacon Club Toasted Sub w/Loaded Potato Bites

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  1. May 22, 2012 11:38 am

    I’ve never been to Arby’s before, so I found this extremely informative! 🙂

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