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Buen Provecho

March 29, 2021

  • 643 N. Riverview Drive
  • Parchment, MI 49004
  • (269) 743-7303
  • Website
  • Menu

I will never pass up a new Mexican restaurant. I’m not a big fan of beans and rice but I loooooooooove tacos.

I was in the Parchment area last week and I had kept hearing about a new Mexican place that opened in town. I had some time so I looked them up.

Buen Provecho has been open since about mid-January on the corner of North Riverview Drive and East G Avenue on Parchment’s northside. The restaurant moved in to the building that was formerly occupied by the Corner View Cafe.

I called in an order for three steak tacos and an order of Meat Fries. The woman who took my order said it’d take about 15-20 minutes and I was about 15-20 minutes away so that worked out perfectly.

I never ate at Corner View Cafe so I don’t know exactly what the restaurant looked like before but I think it’s safe to assume some work was done to convert the family diner in to a Mexican restaurant.

Looking at pictures on Google of the old place, it’s easy to see just how much was done to the interior of this restaurant. Gone is the carpeted floors replaced with tile. The white walls with a wallpaper border along the chair rail has been replaced with a bright, woven thatch design. The restaurant has a really bright, cheery feel to it.

There is a lunch counter near the front entrance that is a left over from the diner days. I was a little after the lunch rush so when I walked in, the woman working the counter was packing up my meal. The cost was around $12 before tip which I paid for with my card at the counter before grabbing my food an heading back to the office.

I popped open the container containing the Meat Fries first because….do I really have to explain that one? It’s meat. On fries!

The appetizer uses frozen french fries, covers them in taco meat then covers that is cheese. The fries were exactly as good as they sound. The fries get a little soggy under the layer of meat but it’s nothing a fork can’t deal with. I was hoping they’d keep this simple with just fries, meat, and cheese and that’s exactly what it is. Simple, delicious Meat Fries.

I only got three tacos because I didn’t want to overdue it knowing I got the fries as well. The tacos were simple, delicoius street tacos built with two grilled corn tortillas, seasoned steak, and cilantro (I left the onion off). I was given the choice of red or green sauce and I always take the red. This sauce really had a homemade look and feel to it. It was thicker than typical taco sauces and it was quite spicy.

Buen Provecho is another solid Mexican restaurant in the Greater Kalamazoo area. The dream is a taco truck on every corner right so whey not a delicious Mexican restaurant in every neighborhood. I’m always going to be of the opinion you can never have too much of a good thing. Buen Provecho provides this good thing to an area that was lacking tacos…they’re not anymore.

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