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Pizza Rescue

March 12, 2021

  • 65 Calhoun Street
  • Battle Creek, MI 49017
  • (269) 753-1024
  • Website
  • Menu

I don’t care what Pizza Hut says. You can’t just make a square pizza and declare it Detroit-style just like you can’t call every deep dish Chicago-Style. That’s just not how it works.

It’s still kind of weird to me that there are people who grew up in Michigan don’t know what Detroit-style pizza is. The expansion of Buddy’s Pizza across the state is starting to change that.

As the style becomes more popular, more local places are taking it on. Recently, a new restaurant specializing in the Detroit style opened up near downtown Battle Creek.

I worked in Battle Creek earlier this week and J told me to fend for myself for dinner. I was going to get home late so she would feed the kids.

Pizza Rescue has been open just a few weeks on Calhoun Street just east of North Avenue. The small restaurant doesn’t really look like a restaurant. It looks more like a house. The last business I can find that was in this building was Carson Northside Convenience Pizza but that was several years ago.

There’s not a lot of information out there yet on this pretty new restaurant but I was able to find a menu on their Facebook page. I put in an order for a pepperoni pizza about 20 minutes before my shift ended which worked out perfectly..there was a 25 minute wait time on the pizza.

I pulled up in front of the small blue building almost exactly 20 minutes after I placed the order. I headed inside to find a pretty empty building. Not sure if they’re planning on putting a few tables in there or not but right now there are none. You see a big counter separating you from the kitchen right up front but the pick up window is actually at a Dutch Door off to the right.

My pizza was waiting for me. The price was just a little over $10 for a 10×14″ 8 square pizza. I paid with cash but they accept all the usual credit cards.

I probably could have eaten a slice on the hood of my car but I had promised B that I would play video games with him that particular night so I hurried home so we could play for a while before bed.

The from Pizza Rescue has all the hallmarks of Detroit style pizza. It has the rectangle shape (obviously), a chunky sauce dolluped on top of the cheese, and a buttery crust that is crispy around the edges but bread like underneath the toppings. The only quasi-complaint I would have, but this is a complaint I have with most Detroit pizzas, is that I wish there was a little more sauce. The bread and cheese can make the bites a little bit dry.

I really went all out on making this a Battle Creek meal by stopping at Handmap Brewing and picking up a couple of four packs. I’m not in Battle Creek often but when I am, I’m all about making it worth my time.

Pizza Rescue had a pretty steady stream of people coming in to pick up pizzas on a random Wednesday night. The offer something not a lot of other local pizzerias offer with the Detroit Style pizzas. They also have grinders and salads on their menus so there’s more than one reason to check out this new local pizza joint.

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