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David’s New York Deli

September 7, 2020

  • 15215 Farmington Road
  • Livonia, MI 48154
  • (734) 425-8170
  • Website
  • Menu

We have just been on the road so much lately.  

Late last week, my co-worker and I were assigned to a task near Detroit.  It was pretty simple and most of our day would be spent driving.  And, of course, I had to find someplace to eat while we were on the east side of the state.  

Our task took us to Livonia.  As we were wrapping up, I started looking for someplace to eat.  The co-worker is a big fast food guy and asked if we could find a Wendy’s or something along the way.  I told him I found a deli not too far from where we were and I was going to eat there.  If he still wanted fast food, we could do that as well.  

David’s New York Deli is on Farmington Road just South of Five Mile Road in the City of Livonia.  The small red building is on a very busy stretch of road kind of tucked in between some bigger places.  The building is right on the street so fortunately, there is a small parking lot in between the buildings. 

The menu is the first thing you see when you walk in the door.  There’s a large chalkboard off to your right with all of their sandwiches and salads written out.  It was easier to grab a paper menu off a nearby table but the handwriting is really nice.  

Ordering is done at a counter that kind of overlooks the kitchen. There were two people working on an assembly line of sandwiches when we walked in. I walked up to the counter and waited a few minutes before one of them noticed me then turned around to take my order.

There was a sandwich called the Sy Special which had both corned beef and pastrami…but I passed on that and just ordered a hot Pastrami sandwich with mustard on rye.

I “NY Sized” my sandwich because that’s the only way to eat pastrami. The cost of the larger sandwich was right around $14.

The restaurant is closed for dine-in right new but they did set up some chairs to wait. When things return to normal, they have about a half a dozen booths and a few tables giving the place kind of a dive-y delicious diner feel.

It took about ten minutes for my sandwich to be handed to me in a Styrofoam container. I didn’t really want to wait two hours to get back to Kalamazoo so I headed back out to the parking lot and popped the lid of the container and set it on the hood of car.

The sandwich was pretty fantastic. The rye bread was toasted damn nearly perfectly. It had a pretty big pile of gold label Sy Ginsberg pastrami, a light spread of yellow mustard and a slice of Swiss cheese. There aren’t a lot of places to get real good New York style pastrami sandwiches so when I come along one like this, it takes everything I have not to run back in the store and order three or four more for later.

Boy am I glad I found David’s New York Deli before leaving Livonia. My fast food eating co-worker decided to grab a sandwich as well and he kept asking me how I found this place. To say David’s New York Deli is better than fast food is a no-brainer. This place has legit deli sandwiches.

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