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Dean’s Ice Cream

June 20, 2011

  • 307 N. Sherwood Avenue
  • Plainwell, MI 49080
  • (269) 685-6641
  • Website
  • No Online Menu

After a fantastic lunch at Walldorf Brew Pub and Bistro in Hastings, J and I decided to do some sightseeing in Barry County.  We took the long way back to Kalamazoo which included a stop in Plainwell for some ice cream.

There are a couple options for ice cream in Plainwell and I hope to get to both of them eventually, but on this particular Sunday afternoon, we had to make a choice.  I went with Dean’s Ice Cream even though we had to drive right by Plainwell Ice Cream to get there.

Dean’s Ice Cream is on Sherwood Avenue right next to the Riverwalk.  What a great way to take a break from the trail.  Anyway, the Dean’s building is brand new.  The old building was the victim of an arson last September.  The owners contemplated not even reopening because they are close to retirement age, but Dean’s is such an institution in Plainwell that they really had no choice.

The design of the new building mimics the old one.  The building is about 90% kitchen.  The public space is more like a long hallway.  There are three windows that open so someone can take your order.  The menu is hand written on poster board that is taped to the windows. 

Like I usually am at ice cream places, the menu overwhelmed me.  Had I know, I would have gotten a Monster Mix, but I didn’t even see it anywhere until J ordered, but I ordered first.  I just went with a large vanilla shake.  I guess I should have at least gotten something more exciting than vanilla, but I didn’t.  I always regret my decisions at ice cream places.  Not because what I get isn’t good, but I should have gotten something a little more exciting than vanilla.  My shake was delicious so I really have nothing that I could complain about.  It was a very thick shake that was a little tough to drink through a straw and I wasn’t given a spoon, but that’s not a bad thing.  Had I not been driving while trying to drink it, I probably would have just opened the top and drank it.

J got a Monster Mix with Snickers.  The Monster Mix is Dean’s version of a Blizzard….or Concrete Mixer…or whatever your favorite ice cream place calls their ice cream mixed with candy concoctions.  The ice cream, while delicious, proved to be more than she could handle.  She only ate about half before offering it to me, but I was stuffed.

Our bill for the two ice cream treats was right around seven bucks.  Dean’s is a pretty solid ice cream shop.   They were doing a pretty brisk business when we were in there and their location in the middle of a neighborhood and right next to a large park provides a way to cool off after a day of play.

Snickers Monster Mix

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