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Jaspare’s Pizza and Fine Italian Food (Vicksburg)

October 31, 2018

  • 111 S. Main Street
  • Vicksburg, MI 49097
  • (269) 649-3975
  • Website
  • Menu

Friday night is pizza night.  It doesn’t matter if we’re together as a family or if I ‘m at work and eating dinner by myself.  Friday night is pizza night.

My Friday night overtime took me to Vicksburg this week.  I had time to eat before my assignment actually began which is rare.  I’m usually rushing to these overtime assignments and have to wait until I’m done around 10:00 to eat dinner.

There are a couple of pizza options along the way but there is one local place that always hits the spot.

Jaspare’s Pizza and Fine Italian Food’s original location is on South Main Street in downtown Vicksburg.  The restaurant takes up two storefronts with the original building being used as the kitchen and order/pick-up window and the building next door, which was last an antique mall, being used as the dining room. 

Jaspare’s Pizza is not new to me.  I’ve had it several times from the franchised locations around Kalamazoo.  From the original Portage location to the new one to the now closed Stadium Drive shop to the old Pizza Hut location that moved to the old bank on Gull Road, I’ve had quite a few great experiences with Jaspare’s Pizza.

I put in my order using their online ordering system before I left the office in downtown Kalamazoo.  The earliest available time they showed on the web was 6:30 so I took it.  Almost immediately, I got a phone call from the restaurant asking if I wanted 6:30 or if I wanted sooner.  They could get it done by 6:00 which worked out much better for me.  It was 5:30 as I was leaving the office so that would make my pizza ready as I was getting to town.  I told him that would be great.

I got to downtown Vicksburg right around 6:00 and was surprised to see that almost every parking spot was full.  I parked about a block away around the corner.

The entrance to the building leads into the order area.  It’s a large open area with a window that looks into the kitchen and a pop cooler off to one side.

My pizza was waiting for me when I gave the man working the counter my name.  I had ordered a large pepperoni and Italian sausage.  The cost was just under $20 before tip.

I had some time so I sat in my car in downtown Vicksburg and had a few slices before getting to my job site for the night.

I ordered the thin crust pizza which had a nice crunchy ring around the outside.  The middle got a little doughy and chewy towards the middle.  The crust at Jaspare’s has a pretty noticeable and delicious flavor to it.  It’s not just a vehicle to deliver the toppings, it’s actually pretty good bread on it’s own.

There was a lot of meat on each slice.  I have never ordered the Italian sausage before.  It’s little pieces of meat spread throughout the pizza. There’s a little bit of a spiciness to it which works so great with the spiciness of the pepperoni.

Jaspare’s Pizza & Fine Italian Food never disappoints.  I had eaten about three-quarters of that pizza before I knew it.  I had planned on only eating a couple of slices and leaving the rest for when I got home but I did just the opposite leaving only two for my post work snack. I just couldn’t stop myself.

Jaspare's Pizza & Italian Foods Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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