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Jaspare’s Pizza & Fine Italian Food – Gull Road

October 9, 2016

  • 5190 Gull Road
  • Kalamazoo, MI 49048
  • (269) 382-2900
  • Website
  • Menu

The last three years, at two different schools, L has had a class field trip to Gull Meadow Farms during apple picking season.  This year, it was L, B, and me out for a Thursday morning adventure with her classmates.  J works in the mornings so she’s never able to go and J’s mom was coming to town that afternoon, so J asked if I would pick up lunch from somewhere on the way home.

The field trip ended just a little before 11:00.  Initially, J had suggested Aubree’s Pizza and that was fine with me until I noticed something on the way out to Richland.  Jaspare’s Pizza on Gull Road had closed….BUT, there was a sign that said they had moved down the road a little ways.  In fact, we had actually passed the new restaurant and not even noticed on our way out of town.

The new location for Jaspare’s Pizza and Fine Italian Food on Gull Road is about a mile west of the old location.  The restaurant is in what used to be the Educational Community Credit Union (now Arbor Financial Credit Union) which itself moved just down the street to a new location of their own.  

Jaspare’s came in and did quite a bit of work to the building.  They actually added on an addition that is now the main dining room.  Part of what to be the old office to the right of the entry doors is a smaller dining room which I assume they use on busy nights.  They even used one of the old drive through “open/closed” signs above the entry door which is a neat little touch.

I really don’t know why we don’t eat at Jaspare’s more often.  Every time we do, we say we really should order from them more, but, like most people, we’re creatures of habit and our go-to pizza has always been Cottage Inn.

I didn’t even tell J I was ordering, I just went ahead and did it.  I noticed on my phone they used for online ordering and since I already had an account, I just did it that way.

I ordered a large, thin crust pepperoni pizza and an order of cheese bread sticks.  I got two different approximate pick up times from Grub Hub and the earliest one was about 20 minutes.  I had promised L I’d get her a Speedy Freeze….even after she dumped a half a bag of popcorn all over my backseat….so we headed to Speedway first to kill some time.

I got L her icee then I fed B in his car seat because I could tell he was getting hungry.  After one more quick stop at a car wash to vacuum up the popcorn, I headed over to the restaurant to pick up our lunch.

The parking lot was empty, but it was also just a little after 11:00 on a Thursday afternoon.  The carry-out counter is right in front of the door when walking in.  I asked if my order was done and the guy that was standing there said it was, but he had to get someone else to run the cash register.  When a different lady came in, she picked up the ticket and noticed it was paid for online, so they handed me two boxes and I headed back home.

Whenever we are given the option, we almost always choose thin crust pizza.  Jaspare’s thin crust pizza’s are very thin and that’s just the way we like it.  They’re cut in to triangles so the slices come out more like a New York style slices.  We typically prefer the pizza cut into squares, but that’s something that doesn’t effect the taste.

The pizza was cooked pretty well done…again, just the way we like it.  The hand tossed crust was crispy along the outside and soft and chewy in the middle.  It really did make for a good fold over slice.  The edge of the crust was sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and the pepperoni’s on top were nice and crispy.

The cheese bread sticks were exactly what you’d expect.  They were cheesy, garlicky, and buttery.  They came with a side of marinara for dipping, but I don’t even think we ever opened it up.  A good bread stick is good on it’s own and these were pretty darn good bread sticks.

The total for the pizza and sticks was just a little over $25 with tip.  As I mentioned earlier, we always enjoy Jaspare’s Pizza.  The food is always delicious and ranks right up there with any other place in town.  I just noticed they have a pan pizza that looks delicious as well and something we’ll have to try in the future.  I’m sure I say this every time, but my goal is to make more of an effort to fit Jaspare’s into our pizza rotation.

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