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East Egg – Richland

September 11, 2011

  • 8860 N. 32nd Street
  • Richland, MI 49083
  • (269) 629-8085
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So, I end up working a Sunday and I end up meeting a co-worker in Richland.  We didn’t have a whole lot of time.  We got our assignment down in town then she wanted to eat.  I was getting a little worried about time because I needed to get back to Grand Rapids.  I had a little over a half hour until the last possible moment that I needed to leave, so I gave in eventually.

It didn’t look like there was a lot open on a Sunday afternoon in Richland, but I knew East Egg was.  I also knew, from experiences at the Portage and Mattawan East Egg’s, that they were usually pretty quick and pretty cheap.  Best of all, we were going to head M-89 to head back to US-131 so it was even on the way home.

The Richland location of East Egg is on M-89 just north of the Richland city limits.  The restaurant is actually in the space that used to be Cafe Thyme in the Clocktower Green shopping center.  That makes sense because the same people that own East Egg also own Mission Pointe which is also in the same shopping center. 

I know that East Egg’s are usually pretty busy on Sunday and that worried me a little.  We didn’t really have time to wait, so if there were no tables, I was going to have to be a jerk and tell my co-worker that she was on her own .  Luckily for us, that didn’t happen.

We walked in to East Egg a little after noon.  The space is much different from it’s days as Cafe Thyme.  The decor is right in line with the other two East Egg locations although this one seems to be a little less noisy than the other two.  The long, L-shaped dining room is filled with tables and chairs riding golf balls to prevent scratching on the floor.  There’s also a lunch counter where the order area for the cafe used to be.

We both got Coke’s and the CW needed a few more minutes to look over the menu.  The only experience I have had with East Egg is with breakfast and I was excited to get to try lunch for once.  It still feels a little weird ordering lunch at all on a Sunday, but I wanted to try something different.

I went with the Fried Egg Burger.  Like the name implies, the sandwich is a house ground steak burger with cheddar cheese and a fried egg on top.  It’s served on a sesame seed bun with the standard accompaniments (ie., lettuce, mayo, onion) and choice of side.  The meat was cooked so there was just a hint of a juicy pink center and the fried egg gave it that familiar breakfast taste that I crave on Sunday’s.  The side I chose was the Steak Fries.  They were standard out-of-a-bag and they were way undercooked.  They had a nice crispy outside, but the inside was almost raw.  I still ate them all, so hard to complain too much.

My co-worker had a hard time deciding between the tuna melt and the Buffalo Chicken Wrap.  She eventually decided on the latter.  The wrap is Buffalo chicken nuggets, lettuce, tomato, and Monterrey Jack.  She opted to leave out the tomatoes.  The real reason she ordered lunch instead of breakfast was the tater tots.  She saw those on the menu and immediately wanted them.    She the first half of her wrap then went straight for the tots.  She polished them off and ended up taking the second half of her wrap home.

The total for the two of us was just a little over $14.  Just like I had hoped, it was quick and cheap.  We were able to eat lunch and get out of there with just enough time for me to make back to Grand Rapids.  I’m still a big fan of East Egg for breakfast.  Lunch was alright, but breakfast is definitely where it’s at.

Fried Egg Burger w/Steak Fries

East Egg on Urbanspoon

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  1. September 11, 2011 9:57 pm

    LOVE East Egg in Richland. Good food, good service, clean/cute place and very reasonable. For me, it’s almost within walking distance – bonus!

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