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Martha’s Vineyard

September 11, 2011

  • 200 Union Ave. NE
  • Grand Rapids, MI 49503
  • (616) 459-0911
  • Website

After eating pretty bad yesterday and drinking a lot of great beer, I really didn’t think it would be a good idea to eat another greasy fast food burger.  While at work, my options are kind of limited and I wasn’t in the mood for Subway.

My other option, and one I’ve known about for a while, is a small specialty grocery store in Grand Rapids’ Midtown Neighborhood.

Martha’s Vineyard sits on the corner of Union NE and Lyon NE.  It sits right next door to one of my favorite pizza places in town, so I overlook it a lot, but I’ve been told by multiple co-workers that it’s a great place to pick up a sandwich for a price much cheaper than the other deli’s in the area.

Martha’s Vineyard is a specialty, neighborhood grocery store first.  They have a wide variety of craft brews and a large wine section which is what initially brings people in the door.  That door leads right past the deli.  Before you can even get both feet inside, you come face to face with a wide variety of made-from-scratch dishes and specialty meats and cheeses. 

I glanced at the case to see if there was anything that jumped out at me, but my original intentions was to head to the cooler with already made sandwiches and salads to see what looked good to me.

The sandwiches are pretty simple.  They consists of a large portion of deli meat and piece of lettuce on bread baked next door at Nantucket Baking Company.  The sandwiches all run around $5.00 and there are packets of condiments in a box next to the pre-wrapped sandwiches available for the taking.

I picked up a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and started looking around for something else to eat.  I was really in the mood for chips and salsa and I was psyched when I saw Frontera chips.  I started looking for the matching salsa, but they didn’t have the kind I liked, so I just went with the chips.

I headed to the cashier to pay.  My total for the sandwich and a large bag of chips was just a little over $8.  Had I gone to the deli down the street, I would have spent more than that and got a lot less food.

I headed back to work and unwrapped the sandwich.  I was really amazed at how much meat was actually between those two slices of bread.  The sandwich was not fancy by any means.  In fact, it was pretty simple, but it hit the spot and I can’t argue about the price.

Martha’s Vineyard has so much to offer that I really can’t get in to in this blog.  I’m really excited knowing that I can get a fairly cheap sandwich there on day’s when I don’t feel like packing a lunch.  My line of work lends itself to eating a lot of fast food and I really don’t like doing that.  Martha’s Vineyard will let me get a hearty sandwich without breaking the bank.

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

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