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Cafe Thyme

March 31, 2010

  • 8880 N. 32nd Street
  • Richland, MI 49083
  • (269) 629-9222
  • Website
  • Menu

Today is J’s birthday and that means she gets to pick where she wanted to go for lunch.  I was fully expecting her to pick Food Dance, but she got talking to some people at work and they all recommended several places in the Gull Lake area.

Our original destination was Frona’s Pantry in Hickory Corners, but our GPS was waaaaay off.  It took us to the complete wrong side of the lake and I wasn’t able to find my way to East Gull Lake Road.  J’s iPhone had no service so we couldn’t even try Google maps.  After a half hour of frustration, we headed back towards Richland.

We passed another one of the recommendations on 32nd Street in Clocktower Green which is a boutique shopping center just north of the Richland village limits.  Cafe Thyme share a building with the Bell Tower Outdoor Living Company and they’re even connected inside so you can move between the spaces.

The building is much bigger than what the café actually needs. It’s a large open space with tables along the walls and a large order counter near a back wall close to the kitchen.  There’s a pastry case and a Coke machine taking up some of the space.  The menu board is hanging on the wall and easily organized in to soups, salads, cold sandwiches, and Panini’s. 

J chose Cafe Thyme because she really enjoys the lighter lunches over the deep-fried and grilled lunches that I like.  Since it’s her birthday, I was in the mood to do whatever she wanted.  I don’t mind places like this, but they really have to be something different to get my praise.

J went with the Martha’s Vineyard Salad.  The salad is supposed to come with a spring mix, red onion, blue cheese, dried Michigan cherries, toasted pecans, chicken breast and cherry vinaigrette.  She asked to leave the onion and the chicken off.  She doesn’t really like onions and is not a fan at all of chicken on a salad.  The chicken always leaves “chicken juice” on the greens and it’s not a taste she enjoys.  She loves dried cherries, blue cheese, and nuts on a salad and this one did not disappoint.  The salad came with a baguette which she used to soak up the extra cherry vinaigrette.  I’m pretty sure she was happy with her lunch.  Cafe Thyme is exactly her kind of place.

I chose a sandwich and went with the #24 which is the Spicy Italian Sandwich.  A very delicious and soft Italian roll is stuffed with salami, ham, cappacola, provolone, lettuce, tomato, and Italian dressing.  The bread was really the star of the sandwich for me.  Most times, bread is an after thought, but this was a delicious home-made roll that still had a dusting a flour from the baking.  The lettuce was a spring mix which is such a better choice than the usual iceberg.  There was more meat than I expected and the Italian dressing was a good choice and much better than mayo.  The sandwich came with a bag of potato chips and in an interesting side note, there’s a box near the garbage to recycle these bags for the local high school which fits in with their mission to be as environmentally friendly as possible.  Both of our meals were served on real plates with real silverware.  There was very little trash when we got done.

Our bill was just under $20.  I know I’ve said this in the past, but I always cringe when I pay that much for cold meat sandwiches.  We were both really happy with our sandwiches and that did include two fountain drinks, so it’s not as hard to justify the price.  It was such a beautiful day out, we decided to sit outside at one of the half a dozen or so patio tables.  We stayed inside until our order came up.  I assumed we would just pick it up ourselves, but the lady that took our order actually grabbed them before I had time to get up.  As she brought them over, we stood up and told her we were gonna eat outside.  I tried to grab the two trays, but she brought them over to the door and opened the door for us to go outside.  A nice, personal touch to an already good meal.  If you’re in the Gull Lake area or even on the Northeast side of Kalamazoo, Cafe Thyme is a great choice for a nice, light lunch.

Martha's Vineyard Salad

#24 Spicy Italian Sandwich

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