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BC Pizza (Plainwell)

May 9, 2023

  • 396 Oaks Crossing
  • Plainwell, MI 49080
  • (269) 204-6612
  • Website
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Friday night is pizza night. You’ve heard that from me before, right?

I was working in Grand Rapids and J had the kids at the ice rink. Normally, she would text me to order from Cottage Inn for delivery. The kids like and I’ve usually got points for free stuff.

J and I are kind of tired of the same thing every week.

We switched it up last week and got Pizza Hut.

I was in Grand Rapids so J asked me to bring something home with me. I didn’t really want to order pizza in Grand Rapids and bring home cold pizza so I thought of something halfway.

BC Pizza has one of it’s 35 locations in Plainwell in the Oaks Crossing shopping plaza off M-89. The restaurant is kind of tucked in to the building between the M-89 Cinema and walkway between the buildings. The spot used to be a Samuel Mancino’s Italian Eatery but not it’s a pretty large BC Pizza.

The entrance is a little hard to see at first. You actually have to go between the buildings to find it. There are signs pointing you in the right direction back towards what could be used as an outdoor patio area.

I had put in an order online but the restaurant was hopping. It was, after all, a Friday night.

I was surprised to see just how many people were eating in. There are a number of tables and booths in what is a pretty large dining room for what is mostly perceived as a takeout restaurant. Those tables were pretty much all full and there was a line of people waiting to pick up their carry-out orders.

I have to imagine the draw for dine-in is the pizza buffet. Buffets have always kind of grossed me out. We ate at a lot of them when I was a kid. People still love them though and BC has a pretty well stocked buffet…at least on Friday nights.

When it was finally my turn to get to the counter, I was a little surprised that my pizzas were actually ready. I was about ten minutes early but when I gave her my name, she turned around and grabbed my four boxes. I headed home to try to beat everyone home from skating and get dinner set up.

I’ve been ordering a pizza just for myself lately. My kids are boring. One wants just cheese. One wants just pepperoni. That’s fine, I got them a thin crust of that. They’re so conditioned to Cottage Inn though and each only ate a slice. Their loss, I ate the rest of it over the next two days. It’s a different kind of pizza from Cottage Inn. The thin crust is a little thicker and a little more chewy but it’s a soft, delicious crust with a thick sweet sauce and a little bit of left over grease from the pepperoni’s.

With my pizza, I went with the Carnivore’s Feast. The all meat pizza includes pepperoni, ham, ground beef, and bacon. I chose to get the Square Pan pizza which is a 14″ and looks similar to a Detroit style pizza but isn’t quite as buttery as a traditional Detroit style pizza. It’s still delicious. The crust is rich and soft. It was like biting in to a meat topped pillow. I had to restrain myself or else I would have ate the whole pizza in one sitting. This is by far my favorite pizza from BC Pizza.

I also added on our two go-to sides. Cheese bread and Cinnamon Stix.

The cheese bread is like a cheese pizza without the sauce. They were fine but apparently they don’t come with dipping sauce? You have to add that on? I didn’t know that so I didn’t do it. They probably would be great with a garlic butter dipping sauce or even marinara. Didn’t stop me from eating all over it over the course of the weekend.

The Cinnamon Stix were more like bread sticks and came with the icing already on them. I….didn’t love that. Cottage Inn’s Cinnamon Sticks are so great because you get a large cup of the icing and put it on yourself. That way, it’s melting as you’re eating. In this case, you can hardly even see that the icing is there because it melts in the box before you get it home. The cinnamon sticks were good but icing to put on at home would be better.

The cost for our Friday night pizza feast was just under $60.

The kids still have a hard time with change, but BC Pizza was a good change up for me. I really liked the Square Pan pizza…like really liked it. The kids eventually warmed up to the pizza but everything is a fight with them anymore. In the future, I’ll probably stick to BC when it’s just me.

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