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The Wing Hut

December 28, 2022

  • 2913 Howard Street
  • Kalamazoo, MI 49008
  • (269) 532-1002
  • Website
  • Menu

My late shift is usually only on Monday’s. I like this schedule. I work nights on Monday’s which sucks but I also get to take a nap after I get the kids to school. Weekends are usually pretty hectic and I don’t always get a ton of sleep. Monday mornings are my recovery day.

I got a bonus nap day on Thursday a couple weeks ago. They needed me for a night shift and while I didn’t really want to do it, we didn’t have anything going on that I needed to be present for so I only put up a little bit of a fight before giving in.

I got the kids to school then headed back to bed. Of course, I got a constant barrage of texts from work that I tried to ignore but they kept dinging and I kept waking me up making me even more cranky than I already was about having to work a night shift.

I eventually gave up and got out of bed. I didn’t really have anything I needed to get done at home so I got myself ready for work then decided to go get lunch before heading in to the office.

I’m trying to get to some newer places in town that I’ve been neglecting. One of those places is The Wing Hut near Western Michigan University.

The Wing Hut is on Howard Street in the Campus Pointe Shopping Center. The small restaurant is snuggled between The Den Party Store and Insomnia Cookies where The Pita Pit used to be. The restaurant is kind of a sister restaurant to Ty’s Joint in Washington Square. Same family and a lot of the same food but the restaurants have their own uniqueness.

The Wing Hut does online ordering but I wasn’t in a hurry and I was already out running errands so I just stopped in to order.

I was the only one in the restaurant a little after 1:00 on a Thursday afternoon. The woman working the kitchen pointed me towards a menu while she was finishing up a to-go order for someone else. There was quite bit of renovation done to tone down the bright colors of the former restaurant with greys and blacks. The large order counter was covered in grey floor tiles and the walls were toned way down with grey paint. The track lighting and drop lamps from the old restaurant remain to add to the natural lighting from the large windows.

I put in my order for Four Whole Wings and Fries. I was asked if I wanted sauce on the wings and I said no. I didn’t want the wings to get soft while in transport to the office where I was going to eat. The cost for the meal, which included a bottle of water, was a little over $12 after tax.

The wings had to be cooked fresh so I took a seat in the dining room to wait. There’s actually a pretty big space for dine in. The color scheme of black and grey extends to the tables, chairs and booths. The restaurant is open after the bars close but after midnight, the dining room isn’t available. There are signs everywhere noting the restaurant is carry-out only after midnight.

It took a little over ten minutes for my food to be cooked and boxed up. I grabbed the box and headed in to the office to eat.

I started with the fries since fries start to get cold and limp the minute they get put in the box. These fries weren’t anything special. They’re pretty standard frozen restaurant fries. They’re dusted with a seasoning salt which does give them a little bit of a edge over a similar fry from a different restaurant.

Once I finished the fries, I went to work on the wings. The wings were big, tender, and juicy. They were breaded so they had that really good crunch to them. I totally made the right pick going without sauce on these wings. I’m sure the sauces are delicious but I love the way these were still super crispy and super crunchy without the sauce. The wings were tasty on their own and didn’t really need a flavor enhancement.

The Wing Hut has been on my short list since they opened in early fall. I kept thinking I would take advantage of them being open after midnight but I never had a reason to be out that late and be hungry if I was. I love good whole wings just as much as I love good Buffalo wings. The Wing Hut takes simple food and makes it delicious.

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