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Blackhawk On the Move

November 3, 2022

  • Food Truck
  • Allegan, MI 49010
  • (269) 455-0097
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There are a lot of BBQ food trucks. It seems like whenever there is some kind of large food truck event there are twice as many BBQ trucks as anything else.

It’s hard to complain about that. I love BBQ….but variety is also nice too.

A food truck out of Allegan noticed that it was getting harder to get booked because they were competing with other BBQ trucks. According to a post on their Facebook page, they were having a hard time even getting in to events because of the “BBQ” in their name….so they changed it.

Blackhawk BBQ became Blackhawk on the Move.

I’ve written about Blackhawk BBQ before. I saw them out when I was driving through Allegan one day so I pulled off and got a sandwich. I’m doing another blog post because they’ve changed their name and we tried more on the menu this time.

Our experience with Blackhawk on the Move was at Steinspark Biergarten and Food Court in Portage. The German style beer garden has their own food but they also bring in food trucks to provide food options other than German food. They park the trucks on a cement pad right outside of the beer garden near their own food hut.

I was actually planning on getting a sandwich from Steinspark but they didn’t have what I wanted. I was going over to the food truck anyway to get J something and see if there was anything the kids would eat. There was also supposed to be a truck from Pizza Katerina there that day but they hadn’t shown up yet.

I got some pretzels and some fries from the food hut and took those back to the table to get the kids going on something. I then went back to the food truck to get J and I sandwiches.

I picked the Blackhawk Triple Threat Burger and J got the crispy chicken sandwich. The cost was about $22 for the two. The lady working the window told me to give them about ten minutes and they would have it ready. I went back to the table where J had gotten a few beers to wait. 10 minutes later, I went back to the window and my food was waiting for me.

The Blackhawk Triple Threat is a helluva burger. This sandwich is hamburger patty topped with pulled pork, brisket, jalapenos, BBQ sauce, and a white cheese sauce. It’s not a burger you can pick up and eat. Luckily, they threw a fork in to the bag because that is the only way to eat this monsterous sandwich. The hamburger patty is in there somewhere but obviously it was the BBQ that dominated the flavor. Every so often I would get a hint of the burger patty but the sweet BBQ sauce, the smokiness from the meat and the liquid cheese kind of drown that out. This sandwich is a meal on it’s own. It’s huge and super tasty.

J’s choice was the Crispy Chicken Sandwich. This sandwich is really simple. It’s a fried chicken breast on a brioche bun with pickles. The chicken patty is a little bit bigger than I thought J would like but she loved the sandwich. The chicken was tender and the breading was super crispy. She said it was one of the better fried chicken sandwiches she has had.

Blackhawk on the Move is a solid food truck. I like the idea of dropping BBQ from the name but not from the menu. They do have delicious BBQ but they have more than delicious BBQ. I keep saying with food trucks, you have to do something different. When food trucks exploded on to the scene, BBQ was king…but now it’s kind of an oversaturated (yet still delicious) market. Expanding that menu, as Blackhawk has done, is a win for everyone.

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