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Momma’s Snack Shop

July 29, 2022

  • 1205 N. Main Street 
  • Three Rivers, MI 49093
  • (269) 528-3939
  • Website
  • Menu

We’ve been getting together with family at a house on Pleasant Lake near Three Rivers for almost ten years now. My dad’s cousin bought a lake house and she started inviting us to spend a weekend on the lake. It eventually evolved to her kids and their family coming to so it turns in to a huge gathering with multiple families. For the Michigan contigent (ie. my family) this is the only time all year we see a lot of them. Everyone still lives in Illinois.

We typically do one big grill night and then one night that’s a little more chill. We’ve ordered pizza in the past but no one has been really impressed with the pizza options in Three Rivers.

We decided to do pizza again this year and since I’m the one that lives in the area, they turned to me for pizza options. I threw out what I knew.

We eventually decided on The Local It’s our favorite pizza place when we go to my in-laws and it’s only about twenty minutes from the house on Pleasant Lake.

I did pitch a few other places though. Frankie’s in Three Rivers was an option. So was Big Tony’s Pizzeria in Marcellus.

One other place I’ve been wanting to try in Three Rivers, and also an option I threw out there, is Momma’s Snack Shack.

Momma’s Snack Shack is on North Main Street just north of Three Rivers in Lockport Township near the intersection with Barnard Avenue. The building has a history of being a pizza place. It was an Appoloni’s for several years and Goldie’s Ice cream which had been in Three Rivers since the late 1960’s.

The kind of odd thing about Momma’s Snack Shack is their not really the main tenant of the buildilng. The old dine in restaurant part is actually Duckin’ Truckin’ Express, an over the road trucking company. Momma’s is a carry-out only service with a pick up window connected directly to the kitchen on the side of the building.

You can just walk up to the window and order if you want but I was able to find a menu on their Facebook page. There are menu’s in a weather protected box right next to the door and a note to call if no one comes to the window.

There are a few picnic tables in the front of the building if you really want to sit down and eat (and it’s nice enough out) but for the most part, Momma’s is a take away place.

I put in an order for a 16″ pepperoni pizza and an order of cheese bread. The order was going to take about 20 minutes and I was only about 10 minutes away so I stopped the Johnnie’s to pick up a couple of Pepsi while I waited.

The pizza and the cheese bread were ready when I walked up. The total cost was about $17. I had cash from my parents so I just used that to pay for dinner.

J and L were already at home when I walked in with unannounced dinner. They didn’t go to the lake that day because L wasn’t feeling pretty good. One of the meals L will almost always eat is pizza so that was part of my motivation for bringing it home.

The pizza is pretty standard for carry-out pizza. It’s got a pretty thick, doughy crust with a slightly sweet sauce layered on top. The pizza is cooked to a pretty dark golden brown. The pizza has a pretty thick handle with the toppings not going very close to the edge.

The cheese bread is pretty simple as well. The 10″ crust is topped with mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses then cut into long sticks. L ate more of these then the pizza. She really liked them. The bread was supposed to come with marinara for dipping but it wasn’t included. The cheese bread was good on it’s own but I think I would have enjoyed it more with the marinara.

Momma’s Snack Shop ticks off a lot of boxes when it comes to good carry-out. The pizza is simple but tasty. It’s also pretty cheap when compared to the larger chains. You get a good pizza at a good price and sometimes that’s exactly what you’re looking for.

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