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Joann’s Fudge (Mackinaw City)

June 5, 2022

  • 303 E. Central Avenue
  • Mackinaw City, MI 49701
  • (231) 436-5611
  • Website
  • Menu

My kids are catching on. They know I can’t actually go to Mackinac Island without bringing home fudge.

For a long time, I would actually buy the fudge on the Island but I’m always rushing to get back to the ferry. The last couple of times, I’ve bought fudge as soon as I’ve gotten to town in Mackinaw City.

The first thing I did when I got to town was pick up dinner at Keyhole Bar & Grill. After that, I walked around downtown Mackinaw City looking in shops until I found a familiar fudge shop.

Joann’s Fudge has two locations actually on Mackinac Island and one in Mackinaw City. I’ve been one of the Mackinac Island locations. They’re both on Main Street not too far away from each other. This is the first time I’ve been to the Mackinaw City location.

The Mackinaw City Joann’s Fudge is on Central Avenue right in downtown Mackinaw City. The shop is part of a long row of buildings on the very busy main drag through the heart of the city.

The fudge shop in The City looks a lot like the fudge shops on The Island. The shop is pretty wide open with the fudge making tables on one side behind a small railing and display cases of delicious fudge on the other side. The decor uses a lot of dark woods which kind of give the place an old timey feel. There’s an ice cream counter in the back which goes away from the dark wood decor to a black and white checkered pattern.

The fudge display cases hold all 28 flavors. I was asked several times if I wanted to try any but I’ve had fudge before. It’s more about trying to figure out what my family will like. I know what I like.

I picked the three slice deal with is a little over $25 and gets you about a pound and a half of fudge.

The three slices fit neatly into a small box alongside a plastic knife so you can neatly cut each slice for sharing. They also include a note reminding you not to refrigerate the fudge. It’s will be fine for two weeks wrapped in plastic and after that, freeze it….but seriously, does fudge last anyone more than a couple of days?

I started with a pick for myself. I was curious about the Chocolate Cookie Crunch. The chocolate fudge is mixed with Double Stuff Oreos. I love fudge and I love Oreos so you just knew this one was going to be a winner.

The second slice I picked was the Peanut Butter. This is chocolate fudge with tubes of peanut butter in the middle. Chocolate and peanut butter…classic combination and always tasty.

The third pick was Vanilla Salted Caramel. I typically get a chocolate salted caramel but it’s always dark chocolate which none of us really love so I thought I’d try Vanilla fudge with the salted caramel on top. It’s definitely an odd combination but one that is quite delicious.

A little bit of a bummer, they didn’t have any mint chocolate fudge. B specifically requested mint chocolate. He’s had it several times from Devon’s Mackinac Island Fudge company and loves it. I’m trying to branch out and find different places so hopefully I’ll find him some mint chocolate before I head home.

Mackinac Island Fudge is one of the best things about trips to the Island. There are so many places around both Mackinac Island and Mackinaw City that offer slices of this rich, chocolatey treat but there are only a few places that have been doing as long as Joann’s Fudge has. The longtimers always come with a solid, timeless fudge and that’s why I like going back to these places again and again when I visit Northern Michigan.

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