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Burger Boss

May 10, 2022

  • 806 Riverview Drive, Suite B
  • Kalamazoo, MI 49048
  • (269) 888-2084
  • Website
  • Menu

Man, do I have a love affair with burgers.

I’ve blogged extensively over the years about burgers…always on the look out for “the best.”

Burgers can be super simple frozen patties on white bread or they can be amazing creations starting with freshly ground meat. It’s one of the rare foods that you never really know what you’re getting when you sit down in a restaurant and order one.

Burger Bros had been one of my go-to burger places in the Kalamazoo area. It was quick, simple, and delicious. Unfortunately, they closed a few months ago leaving hole in the quick service burger landscape.

Fortunately, someone saw that opening and quickly filled it.

Burger Boss opened not quite a month ago on the corner of Riverview Drive and Bridge Street in Kalamazoo’s Eastside Neighborhood. The small shop takes over the former Burger Bros/Lil’ Brothers BBQ space in the strip mall next to the 13 1/2 Party Store.

Nothing has really changed inside the building. There’s still no seating inside. It’s just a pretty large waiting room type area with the menu hanging on one of the walls. There is a stand up counter left over from previous owners but they were really pushing people out the door. Even when I ordered, they asked for a phone number and told me they’d call when it was ready so I assumed that meant they didn’t want people hanging around inside.

The order counter is right inside in the door. There are paper menus there as well so you don’t have to turn around to look at the large menu on the wall. The menu is pretty simple. It’s burgers but they have different patty options. There’s obviously beef, but you also have a choice of a turkey burger or a veggie burger. There are also chicken tenders and a beef or chicken Philly sandwich.

The easiest thing to do is just order the Boss Burger Meal. This sandwich is a half pound burger topped with a fried onion ring, cheese, Boss sauce, BBQ sauce, and lettuce. It comes with fries and a drink. You can do a sandwich a la carte or do a Build Your Own but this is the easiest way to get a delicious burger…so that’s what I did.

The cost of the meal was right around $13. I paid with my card then went back to my car to wait. My phone rang about ten minutes later and I went back inside to pick up the bag of food.

I started with the fries because I can eat those in the car…and I was hungry. The fries are pretty simple, skin on frozen fries. There was a little bit of a seasoning on them that was more than just salt. It wasn’t overpowering but you could tell that it was there. There were enough fries to fill whatever room was left in the to-go box that wasn’t filled by the burger.

I dug in to the burger once I got back to the office. The sandwich is quite impressive looking when you stack it all together. There are two 1/4 lb patties which are pretty thick and smothered in melted cheese. The onion ring is alway something I can do with out so once the picture was done, I took it off. The Boss Sauce and BBQ sauce were put on pretty lightly which I very much appreciate. The combo of the sauce was pretty ketchup-y to me so I assume there was a lot of ketchup in both. I didn’t really take the time to analyze it because I just didn’t care. This sandwich was really good…it’s a solid burger yet incredibly simple.

Burger Boss shows you don’t have to be fancy to make delicious food. When I go to grab a burger quickly, I want something that tastes good. I don’t always need fancy bacon or fancy cheese. A good burger starts with a solid, fresh patty and ends with a toasty, soft, and tasty piece of bread. Burger Boss checks all of those boxes for me.

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