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Bread & Butter Kitchen

April 28, 2022

  • 220 W. Chicago Road
  • Sturgis, MI 49091
  • (269) 319-6065
  • Website
  • Menu

I’ve spent a lot of time in Sturgis the past couple years but really haven’t knocked as many restaurants off my list as I had hoped I would have by now.

We cook out a lot when we’re at my in-laws. The whole point of a lake house is to spend the weekend on the lake, not in a restaurant somewhere.

I’ve gotten sent to Sturgis a few times recently for work which isn’t typical. We rarely get assignments that far south but we’ve had a couple recently.

Tuesday was one of those days. We really just had to run for Sturgis for about a half hour of actual work.

We did what we needed to do and my co-worker mentioned to me that he didn’t really have breakfast and was hungry. I told him to hang on….I was planning on stopping for lunch.

We headed towards downtown Sturgis to find Bread and Butter Kitchen.

Bread & Butter Kitchen is on Chicago Road in downtown Sturgis just to the east of Clay Street. There is street parking out front but there is also a municipal parking lot behind the row of buildings. The breakfast and lunch spot opened up last fall in the space previously use by Boundary Waters Kitchen which closed before the pandemic in August of 2019.

The restaurant is counter service. Co-worker walked in a few seconds ahead of me and grabbed a menu from the counter near the cash register. It’s quite a large menu and can be overwhelming at first. I had already looked the menu up online so I had an idea of where to look so I put my order in while co-worker was making his way through the menu.

Bread and Butter Kitchen is a bakery in addition to a cafe. They make all of their bread in house and they have a pretty good selection of sweet treats and classic baked goods in a display case near the register. I perused the selection but didn’t think to buy anything.

We took our sandwiches to go but there’s a pretty large dine-in area in the cafe. The space has kind of a modern rustic feel with wood tile walls, stamped tin ceilings and distressed wood furniture.

It took less than five minutes for our sandwiches to be made. Almost as soon as we sat down to wait, my name was called and a large brown paper bag with both our sandwiches was handed to me.

I ordered the Big Bubba. This sandwich is house made French bread loaded with “a collection of Italian meats,” mozzarella, provolone, mayo, red onions, tomatoes, and banana peppers. The bread is clearly the star of this sandwich and everything else is part of the supporting cast. I love the tanginess banana peppers give a sandwich last…it just ties the meats together with the bread and adds a little kick.

The cost for my sandwich was just under $10. The sandwich comes a la carte but there are options for house made chips for a side. I wish I would have been paying attention and tried some of those as well.

Bread and Butter Kitchen is a great little sandwich shop on a busy stretch of road in Sturgis. A lot of people use US-12 as a major East-West route along the southern part of the state to avoid the Indiana toll road. Hopefully people are slowing down just enough to see this fantastic little cafe on their way through town.

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