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Kickin’ Kurbz

April 1, 2022

  • Food Truck
  • Battle Creek, MI 49015
  • (269) 830-7538
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It’s getting to be food truck season again.  

I don’t typically sit down and eat a meal while I’m on the clock unless we’re traveling out of town.  I typically don’t have the time to sit and eat even though I’m supposed to have an hour lunch.

I always look for take out options when we’re outside of Kalamazoo.  Sandwich shops are my usual go-to but come summer time, seeing a food truck in a parking lot somewhere is like striking gold. 

My co-worker and I were on the west side of Battle Creek last week for an assignment. When we got done, I knew there were a couple of food trucks that usually park on 20th Street.  I’ve been wanting to try both of them so we headed that way.  

We found Kickin’ Kurbz open in the Ollie’s Bargain Outlet parking lot on 20th Street just north of Columbia Avenue.  This small food is more of a trailer.  It’s usually parked in this lot when they’re not doing catering jobs or other food truck events. 

The thing I like about food trucks is the small menus. This one specializes in cheesesteak. As simple as that is, there are not any other cheesesteak food trucks in the area that I’m aware of (I’m sure after posting this someone will tell me I’m wrong). The menu has some none beef options as well but most people seek this one out for the steak sandwiches.

I ordered the Hot Mess. It’s called The Hot Mess because it is a hot mess. The hoagie roll is overstuffed with soft, tender steak, sliced pieces of Italian sausage, peppers, onions, and nacho cheese. I typically eat my lunch in the car or while driving but this couldn’t be done. The sandwich leaks delicious, cheesy steak with every bite. It’s a little bit of work to eat but it’s work that is worth every bite. The roll does it’s best to contain this mess of a sandwich but ultimately, it’s no match for the gooey goodness inside.

All of the sandwiches come with fries and drink. The fries are pretty simple with a simple seasoning of salt and pepper. Here’s a little bit of a tip though…eat the sandwich first and let it drip over the fries. Then, you have Cheesesteak Fries. You really don’t want to let any of that meat go to waste and using the fries to clean up the mess you absolutely will make is the tastiest way to mop up.

The cost of the sandwich was exactly $13.

Kickin Kurbz is a great food truck. Would it survive as a brick and mortar? Maybe. The food is good enough but it really thrives as a limited menu food truck. Cheesesteak is a great street food. It’s not meant to be eaten at a table. It’s meant to be eaten hunched over the hood of your car trying desperately to keep if off your nice white dress shirt. Kickin Kurbz is one of those destination food trucks. It’s worth going out of your way for when you crave a delicious, hearty, cheesy sandwich.

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