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Saylor’s Main Street Pizzeria

December 9, 2021

  • 305 N. Main Street
  • Watervliet, MI 49098
  • (269) 463-5555
  • Website
  • Menu

I’ve been working in Benton Harbor a lot recently. Usually it’s with my colleague out of the Kalamazoo office but every so often I meet someone from our Grand Rapids office in Berrien County.

A few weeks ago I met someone for a few hours of work in and around Benton Harbor. We got done with our assignment pretty early so I was able to start back towards Kalamazoo at a decent time. The kids had ice skating lessons at Wings West that night so I wasn’t going to go home and get dinner right away.

I had been stopping at Casey’s General Store in Watervliet quite a bit on these trips to grab pizza slices on my way home. I figured this time I could do better than a couple of slices. How about I stop and grab a whole pizza from somewhere.

Saylor’s Main Street Pizza is in downtown Watervliet on Main Street..just like it’s name says. The small, standalone pizza joint sits on the corner of Main and Pleasant on the south end of Watervliet’s business district.

I called in my order for a large pepperoni and sausage pizza as I was about to leave Benton Harbor. They told me it’d be about 25 minutes and that’s about what it took me to make my way back to Watervliet via Red Arrow Highway.

It appeared the inside was still closed but there is a pick up window off the side of the building. I pulled up to the window and gave them my name. A few second later, a box was being passed to me as I was passing my credit card through to pay the bill of just a little over $10 before tip.

I am 100% positive I took a picture before digging in on my drive home but for the life of me, I can’t find it anywhere. It’s not in my camera roll nor is it in my deleted photos so you’ll just have to take my word for it. The pizza was tasty.

The pizza from Saylor’s is pretty typical take out. It’s got a pretty thick crust, an abundance of a sweet, thick sauce, and a lot of meat. The sausage were little chunks of spiciness spread out amongst the greasy, crispy around the edges pepperoni.

Saylor’s Main Street Pizzeria is a solid hometown pizza joint. Every little town has a place like this and every little town needs a place like this.

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