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Dig-In Cafe & Catering

June 18, 2021

  • 111 W. Michigan Avenue
  • Augusta, MI 49012
  • (269) 731-5846
  • Website
  • Menu

New computer systems are always fun. We’re upgrading at work to something new so that means a few weeks of training…while also doing our day-to-day jobs.

I started the process earlier this week. I had to drive to Grand Rapids for a morning training session then meet up with a co-worker afterwards so we could do what we always do.

Our job site that day was near Augusta. I had training from 9 AM to about 11 AM so he scheduled our meeting for 12:30. I wouldn’t be rushed and we’d still have plenty of time to do what we needed to do that day.

The drive from Grand Rapids to Augusta is just a little over and hour and I got out before 11. When I got to Plainwell, I decided I had time for lunch so I pulled over, looked up a place in Augusta, and called in an order.

Dig-In Cafe & Catering is the family diner and gathering spot in Augusta. The small restaurant is on West Michigan Avenue (M-96) just to the west of Webster Street and Augusta’s “downtown.”

I called in my order for the Cluck-Cluck Oink Burger when I was about twenty minutes away. I walked in to the diner just before 1:00 and they were still pretty busy from the lunch rush. The restaurant is divided in to two long, narrow dining rooms that form an L around the kitchen. The decor is pretty sterile with cream colored tile floors and white walls but some pops of color from window dressings and the green leather from the booths give the space a more comfortable, casual feel.

My order was bagged up and ready to go when I approached the counter. The cost was a little over $10 and since I had some cash, I just used that to pay for my burger.

I still had about 45 minutes until I needed to meet my co-worker so I went to the Rideshare lot on the west edge of town on M-96. When I pulled the Styrofoam out of the bag, I immediately noticed how heavy it was. Turns out, that’s because it was pretty loaded with food.

The Cluck-Cluck Oink Burger is a fun way to label a burger with bacon and a fried egg. The half pound burger also comes with American cheese and choice of toppings. I picked the burger up and it didn’t feel greasy or messy so I decided to just stay in the car and eat. Big mistake. The egg was actually pretty soft and as soon as I took a bite, yolk squirted out the back and all down my shirt. My glove box napkins and an entire Tide pen were no match for it. At that point, after the damage was done, I got out of the car and ate leaning over the hood. The sandwich was really tasty. It was a pretty simple frozen hamburger patty but there was a good seasoning on the burger plus the bacon and fried egg to add a little more depth. The burger is pretty solid and what you expect from a diner. It’s not gonna not your socks off but you are going to get a tasty burger that won’t leave you hungry.

The sandwich came with frozen battered fries. I’ve mentioned before these aren’t my favorite but they’re still fries and I’ll still eat every last one of them even if I’m stuffed.

Dig-In Cafe is what you want in every small town. They have a really big menu so everyone can find something to eat and the food is going to be tasty. Greasy spoon diners are the heartbeat of small towns and Dig-In Cafe more than fulfills that role in Augusta.

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  1. Penny Ryan permalink
    June 21, 2021 1:52 pm

    We’ve ate at this little cafe, and ordered to go, always happy with our food, but to call it a greasy spoon, I don’t think so, just a nice place to eat

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