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Dairy Freeze

June 14, 2021

  • 1443 M-89
  • Otsego, MI 49078
  • (269) 692-3629
  • Website
  • Menu

We had a pretty great Saturday outdoors…not at a lake…despite the fact it was pushing 90’s.

I got everyone to agree to a hike at the South Swan Creek Loop Trail in the Allegan State Game Area then we hit the Perrigo Splash Pad at Allegan’s Water Street Riverfront Park. While the kids were playing, J and I had some tasty beers and ordered lunch from Tantrick Brewing Company.

We gave the kids the ol’ five minute warning. B said he needed to use the bathroom and there are public restrooms on the riverfront not too far from the splash pad. He, of course, noticed others eating ice cream as we were walking and started getting really insistent than he wanted ice cream too.

Scoopt Ice Cream is a little further down and that’s where people were getting ice cream from. I was hot, tired and wanted to get back on the road towards Kalamazoo. I promised B we would stop somewhere and get ice cream after I had a few minutes in the air conditioning.

I made it back to Otsego and B was still asking about ice cream. I wasn’t lying to him. I was planning on stopping. I knew I’ve passed a small walk up ice cream stand between Plainwell and Otsego and that’s what I was looking for.

Dairy Freeze is on M-89 just outside of the Otsego city limits on the east side of town. The small brick building with a red roof is the last (or first…depending on what way you’re traveling) building in Otsego Township on the north side of the road before you hit the city limits.

The walk up ice cream stand is pretty typical of these kinds of shops but they do have a pretty extensive food menu to go along with the ice cream. We had already eaten lunch but there are burgers, hot dogs, sloppy joes, grilled cheese, fish, and quite a bit more.

The ice cream menu was pretty extensive too. They had Hudsonville scoops which is what L and J went with. L got hers in a sugar cone and instead of the typical cone shape, this one looked more like a waffle cone…but it was a sugar cone. I don’t remember what either of them got as far as flavors. I know L had one scoop in the cone and J had a dish with two different scoops.

Ice cream scoops are still hard for B. He struggles with the plastic spoon and the hard pack ice cream. He ends up with more of it on himself than in his mouth. Fortunately, Dairy Freeze had another option. Flavored soft serve. B picked Bubble Gum. We got him a small dish. He wanted a cone but we figured he’d end up wearing it. L shared a bit of her cone with him and that made him happy. The small soft serve dish was perfect for him and there wasn’t quite as much clean up or stickiness as their typically is with scoops.

I really wasn’t all that hungry but I still ended up getting a cookie dough flurry. The non-chain ice cream shops sometimes go pretty light on the candy in flurries…that was not the case. There was a lot of cookie dough bits in every bite. Even as I got to the bottom, there were still big chunks of cookie dough waiting for me. J ordered me a large, which is my usual order, but like I said, I wasn’t super hungry so I wasn’t quite able to finish it all.

The cost for all four ice cream treats was $17.

I promised B we would get ice cream and we got ice cream. The thing I really liked about Diary Freeze was that they had soft serve flavors for B. He never would have ordered soft serve if it was just vanilla or chocolate.

I’ve drove by this place so many times and had no idea they have the extensive menu that they do. Ice cream, burgers..what’s not to like?

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