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Holland Cakery ‘n Sweets

April 5, 2021

  • 11539 E. Lakewood Blvd. Suite 30
  • Holland, MI 49424
  • (616) 396-0200
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We’ve done a lot of pandemic birthday’s and celebrations over the last year.  Each one was special and not something we would have done on our own.  

It started last year with J’s birthday.  We were still in hard lock down and her birthday was a pasta dinner from Comensoli’s and an ice cream cake from Menchie’s delivered by Grubhub.  B’s birthday we went to see a movie at Capri Drive-In. L got to have a friend who’s been in our pod stay the night for her first sleep over.  

J gets to be the lucky one to have two pandemic birthdays…and it was a milestone birthday.

Her birthday coincided with spring break this year. We don’t usually do anything for spring break. Usually L takes a theatre class and if I’m lucky, I’m following either U of M or MSU in the NCAA tournament for work. None of that happened this year and we decided we needed a change of scenery.

We rented a cabin in Saugatuck for a few days during the week with another family that is vaccinated and has been part of our little pod. We were still going to find a way to make J’s birthday special.

J and the kids met the other family at our cabin in Kingfisher Cove mid-afternoon on Tuesday. They went for a hike at Saugatuck Dunes State Park then ate dinner back at the cabin. I got to town just before 8:00 since I was the only one that actually had to work a full day.

Wednesday was more hiking. We started the day with breakfast at the cabin then a hike at Mount Baldhead Park. We got up the 303 steps then made our way back down using the trail through the dunes. It was about a two hour hike and we headed back to the cabin. Everyone needed a break so I asked J if I could run in to Holland to run an errand. She didn’t ask any questions (she knows me) and I didn’t offer up any answers but I had a plan.

I was on my way to the Holland Cakery ‘n Sweets to pick up cupcakes…because we had to have something to celebrate J’s birthday.

Holland Cakery ‘n Sweets is on Lakewood Boulevard west of 112th Avenue in Holland Township. The small bakery is in a strip mall near Salt & Pepper Savory Pub & Grill.

I didn’t tell anyone where I was going because I didn’t really know what I would find when I got there. I was super excited to walk in to a bakery that had cases full of cupcakes and cake pops ready to go without a pre-order.

There was so much to choose from and when I walked in, I was the only one in the store. I went to the first case which has a lot of simple cupcakes and cake pops. Everything looked so good I knew it was going to be hard to pick.

The second case has more of the unique flavors and that’s where I ended up picking all eight from. I did four different flavors and did my best to pick treats that I thought the kids would really like.

The eight cupcakes cost me $24 before tip. I paid with card then headed to Family Fare to get some candles because you can’t sing Happy Birthday without blowing out candles.

Of course the kids immediately try to open up the pink boxes when I got back to the cabin but we made them wait until after dinner. We walked around downtown Saugatuck for a while, played at the playground downtown, then went to Guardian Brewing to eat on their patio before heading home for a movie and cupcakes.

We sang Happy Birthday before starting the Croods 2 and everyone grabbed a cupcake. There was no fighting over them which was a little bit of a surprise.

The four flavors I picked were Cookies ‘n Cream, S’Mores……

..Cookie Dough, and Banana Split.

All of the cupcakes were so rich and so delicious. There is a pretty thick layer of frosting on each one then the toppings at to the sweetness. The last two left were the two S’Mores offerings which I would have thought the kids would have gravitated towards but they were more interested in the two that had a vanilla cake. B wanted the marshmallows off mine so I gave them to him and really enjoyed the rest of the cupcake.

Holland Cakery ‘n Sweets is a delicious cupcake shop. We have been doing Meijer cupcakes for birthdays and holidays and they’ve been delicious but I wanted to do something different and something local for this milestone birthday of J’s. I think I picked pretty well.

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