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Doll n’ Burgers (Tecumseh)

January 22, 2021

  • 411 E. Chicago Boulevard
  • Tecumseh, MI 49286
  • (517) 424-2048
  • Website
  • Menu

I’ve been in Michigan about 13 years now and there are still parts of the state I’ve never been to. Lenawee County was one of those places. I’ve just never had any reason whether it be for leisure or for work.

Obviously, since I’m writing this, that changed recently.

Work brought me to Tecumseh last weekend. I picked up an abbreviated Saturday shift that was more driving than working. I completed what I needed to do for the day then picked up my phone and started looking for a place to eat.

There were a lot of great options but I didn’t really want to try to park downtown. I noticed a sign for the Tecumseh Ice Sculpture Festival and I assumed there would be a lot of people walking around downtown looking at the art.

I found Doll n’ Burgers which looked like a chain fast food restaurant from the Google listing. I originally skipped over it but eventually made my back. I realized after another glance it wasn’t a chain and the pictures on Google looked like what I was looking for. In fact, the restaurant, which opened during the pandemic, is backed by the guys who have brought us Grand River Brewiery.

Doll n’ Burgers has two locations. There’s one in Jackson and one in Tecumseh. The Tecumseh location is on Chicago Boulevard which is also M-50 and the main route through town. The restaurant is inside a Mobil station on the corner at Wyandotte Street which also makes it feel like a fast food joint…because it actually was a fast food joint. A Taco Bell previously occupied this space.

There was a pretty long line wrapped around the building for the drive thru but, fortunately, I had used the online ordering system to put my order in ahead of time. I found a parking spot along the side of the building.

The restaurant has a fast food set up but it feels more like a In-N-Out Burger than a McDonalds though. The menu is really small focusing burgers and fries. There’s an order counter like you’d see in any fast food place with the order menu hanging above it.

The dining room really isn’t that big but it doesn’t really matter at the moment. There are booths along one wall and there were some tables that were stacked up in the back that make up the rest of the dining area.

There were a few people inside putting in orders in addition to the long drive thru line so I had to wait a few minutes when I got inside. When it was my turn, I gave the lady working the register my name. She turned around, grabbed a bag, and filled up my drink. I headed out to my car to eat before getting on the road home.

I ordered the Double Combo, plain, and add bacon. The beef is a house blend mix that has been locally sourced…within 50 miles of the restaurant. The two smashed beef patties are layered with cheese and bacon then put together on a milk bun that is baked fresh in the restaurant. The sandwich rivals any of the fast casual burger chains. It’s crispy, salty, cheesy and just a really tasty burger.

The combo came with fries but you can substitute any of their sides for an upcharge. They have cheese curds, poutine, and chili cheese fries to pick from. I stuck with the Kennebec fries which are hand cut and fried up to a nice crispy exterior and soft, pillowy middle. They’re not the greasy, crispy fries of Five Guys that I love. They’re just a well cooked, well seasoned potato sticks

I wanted the fries but I also wanted cheese curds and since I hadn’t eaten at all yet that day, I ordered cheese curds as well. The cheese is sourced from the Cambridge Cheese Company in Onstead. The blocks of cheese are breaded and deep fried to a golden brown. There’s a little bit of seasoning in the breading but most of the flavor comes from the fresh, delicious cheese.

Doll n’ Burgers is such a refreshing take on fast food/fast casual burgers. They have all the convenience and speed you want from fast food but they do it with real, good food. It wouldn’t surprise me to see more of these resturants pop up post-COVID.

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