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New Leaf Delicatessen

January 25, 2021

  • newleafdeli1 l897 Washington Avenue
  • Holland, MI 49423
  • (616) 226-4060
  • Website
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Another day with a long car trip by myself to do a task that took all of about ten minutes.

I needed to take a trip to Holland to pick something up while my co-worker in Kalamazoo worked on something else in the office. I don’t normally mind the road trips by myself. I can get caught up on some podcasts and I can usually seek out a place to eat without having to worry about whether my colleague would eat there or not.

My task for the day was out near US-31 and John Street in Holland Township. I used to work in this area a lot so I’m pretty familiar with what’s out there to eat and it’s mostly chains. I sat in the parking lot and did my usual Googling to see what was nearby.

I found a couple of things that popped up pretty interesting but I was really just in the mood for a sandwich. There are a couple of deli choices so I pretty much just flipped a coin and picked New Leaf Delicatessen.

New Leaf Delicatessen is on Washington Street near 35th Street kind of on the south side of Holland. The small restaurant is a walk up window in a strip mall along the very busy Washington Avenue.

I sat in my car and looked at the menu for quite a while before deciding on something. There were a couple of people in line ahead of me so I wasn’t in a big hurry to get out of my car. When the line was gone, I put in my order for a whole #23 My Italian

I went back to my car to wait since it was cold. A little less than ten minutes after ordering, I noticed guy coming towards my window with a bag. I quickly put a mask on before he handed me a very heavy to go-box with my sandwich.

I opened up the box to find two delicious cookies staring at me. I didn’t order nor do I think I paid for them but I was well outside of town before I even looked. The cookies were a white chocolate chip and a chocolate chocolate chip. I saved them for the end of the meal…but yes, I did eat both and they were both soft and delicious.

The sandwich that I picked is a toasted sub. I ordered the 12″ so the two sub sandwich halves come stuffed with capicola, provolone, tomato, marinated mushroom, red onion, organic spinach, ParmMix (?) garlic butter, Italian dressing and mayo. The sandwich was really tangy and juicy from the dressing and the tomatoes. The marinated mushrooms did nothing for me so I actually scraped all of them off the sandwich and it was perfectly delicious without them. I ordered 12″ but could have gotten by with the 6″. I ended up eating only half on my drive home and saving the rest for later.

New Leaf Delicatessen is such an unassuming sandwich shop in a part of town you wouldn’t expect to find it. I always think of downtowns when I think of deli’s like this so I was surprised when my GPS kept taking me further and further south.

When I googled restaurants in Holland I was looking for a hearty local sandwich shop. I found that with this walk up window off a busy road inside a strip mall.

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  1. Bob and kim bain permalink
    January 28, 2021 8:09 pm

    New leaf deli is the bomb!! My husband and I get lunch there once a week. We live on 32nd st so we love the #18 called 32nd street.. there new cheesecake is delicious also. I only wish they would open at 11:00 instead of 12:00.

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