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Taqueria Tomatitos

January 18, 2021

  • 595 10th Street (Food Truck)
  • Plainwell, MI 49080
  • (517) 490-7459 
  • Website
  • Menu

I’ve been stopping in Plainwell recently on my way to Grand Rapids to get gas. There are a lot of places I could stop, but I’ve just been craving Wesco popcorn. I’ll hop off the highway, get gas, grab a bag of popcorn then continue on my way north.

The last time I made this stop, I got frustrated with traffic coming out of the city heading towards US-131 which made it hard for me to turn left….so I turned right and went through downtown Plainwell to hit US-131 via 106th Avenue.

I don’t know why I made that decision but doing so led me to a taco truck in a place I never thought I’d find a taco truck….a party store just outside of Plainwell.

Taqueria Tomatitos sets up shop in the parking lot of Third Base – The Last Stop Before Home Party Store at the corner of 106th Avenue and 10th Street. I made a hard right in to the parking lot after seeing and seeing people in line. I didn’t really need lunch but I do like tacos…so I stopped.

I made a quick stop inside the Party Store to get some cash just in case before walking over to the plain white food truck pared on the edge of the parking lot. The menu is written on a piece of bright green poster board taped next to the order window. I was just in the market for tacos but they do a lot of the Mexican favorites you can find at just about any brick and mortar Mexican restaurant.

I put in an order for five steak Mexican tacos without onions (so just cilantro). The total was exactly $11. I didn’t see anything indicating they took credit so I just handed over one of the $20s I just got from the ATM inside the party store.

The lady taking orders said I could wait in my car if I wanted but I was the only one there and it was a fairly nice day so I just backed away from the truck and hung out. It took less than five minutes for a foil packet with the tacos to be handed through the window with a couple small containers of hot sauce.

I was late for work at this point so I had to get back on the road. I couldn’t eat tacos in the car so they had to wait until I got to Grand Rapids.

The foil kept the tacos pretty warm for the half hour drive to the office. As soon as I found a place I could sit down, take off my mask, and eat, I did so.

The tacos were pretty simply but also pretty simply delicious. There were two corn tortillas that were really soft from being wrapped in the foil. There was so much meat on each taco the tortillas had a hard time holding it all in. The meat itself was really flavorful with a slightly salty dominance but that was easy to tamp down with the hot sauce included with the tacos. Overall, these were really solid tacos. There was enough meat that the five tacos were more than enough to be a satisfying meal.

It’s damn near impossible for me to drive by a taco truck when I see one. Taqueria Tomatitos is a truck I had never heard of but I’ve seen a lot of discussion about it on some Allegan County and Plainwell Area Facebook pages now. To me, tacos are just one of those perfect foods. They’re delicious, usually pretty cheap, and can be quite a filling meal. Taqueria Tomatitos checked all those boxes.

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