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Little Mexico

November 28, 2020

  • 3501 Stadium Drive
  • Kalamazoo, MI 49008
  • (269) 312-7304
  • Website
  • Menu

You have to eat tacos on Tuesday’s….right? I mean, isn’t it like a law or something.

I was craving tacos this past Tuesday. Thankfully, Kalamazoo has a lot of good, authentic Mexican places now to get tacos from. I typically stick to two of them. Either Los Brothers or La Familia…but this taco Tuesday, I wanted to branch out.

OK, really there’s just a new taco place on the way from my house to my office and I’ve been looking for an excuse to stop in.

Little Mexico is on Stadium Drive in the restaurant space that used to be Menna’s Joint. It’s right next to Sweetwater’s Donut Mill and you can get to the restaurant either through it’s own driveway or the one in to Sweetwater’s.

There is a pretty drastic change to the dining room. The walls are painted bright yellow and adorned with cartoon depictions of people doing various random activities. The dining room itself is pretty large but due to COVID restrictions right now, all the tables are pushed up against the wall waiting for the days we can eat inside a restaurant again.

Ordering is done at a large counter that runs from about the middle of the dining room to the back. It’s one of those counters were you order on one end and pick up your order on the other.

The business is fairly new so I didn’t think to look them up on the delivery services but, according to Google, they’re on at least a couple of the popular ones. They also offer online ordering for pick up which I would have done had I noticed it.

I kept things fairly simple. I ordered my typical five steak tacos and an order of the Beef and Cheese Dip. The bill was a little under $17 before tip.

I waited outside at one of the picnic tables they had set up on the small entrance area between the building and the parking lot. I was going to go back in at the ten minute mark to see if it was done but the woman who took my order brought it out to me about seven minutes after I ordered.

I headed in to the office to eat and, of course, popped up the container holding the tacos first. The five tacos are each wrapped in two soft grilled corn tortillas and filled with steak, cilantro, and onion. There were limes also packed in with the tacos plus a couple of hot sauces and guac in the bag.

The steak had probably some of the best flavor I’ve had with steak tacos in Kalamazoo. A lot of times the steak has little to no flavor but this steak was bursting. Neither of the salsas/hot sauces with the tacos really did much for me. One was very much like a salsa and the other was thick and very spicy. I actually mixed them together…to thin out the thick one and spice up the thin one…and got something I liked.

The Beef and Cheese Dip was a little confusing. The dip is a white queso dip with ground beef. It was really delicious, but it was thin. Very, very thin. Liquidy thin. Like drink it with a straw thin. I’m not sure if this is the way it’s supposed to be or if it just really overheated in the to-go container.

I used the bag of chips to reach down to the bottom and find the ground beef. Like I said, it had a really good flavor but was tough to eat. I put it in the fridge to let it firm back up then ate it cold and it was was much easier.

Little Mexico has a lot to offer. They really compare to a full service, sit down Mexican restaurant offering plates with the traditional beans and rice but they do it quickly with counter service. There are also a number of Mexican desserts and ice creams so it really is a unique Mexican restaurant in Kalamazoo.

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  1. Primis permalink
    December 1, 2020 2:22 pm

    Is this what used to be Los Amigos, a sit-down place? Or does this just happen to be right within a few buildings of it? Because I thought I remembered that was next to Sweetwater on Stadium… (don’t lynch me, not a Kzoo resident I’m from out of town, but I’d been to Los Amigos a couple of times)??

    • SW Michigan Dining permalink*
      December 2, 2020 10:30 am

      Other side of Sweetwaters. This used to be Menna’s Joint….so yes, this is just a few doors down from Los Amigos.

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