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Two Fellas Grill (Kalamazoo)

November 24, 2020

  • 2730 W. Michigan Avenue
  • Kalamazoo, MI 49006
  • (269) 492-9727
  • Website
  • Menu

Late night food is definitely one of the perks of living near a college campus. Late night pizza, sandwiches, wraps,…anything typically used to soak up alcohol.

I haven’t needed the soaking up alcohol part in a long time but I work odd hours and always appreciate when there’s more than just fast food options when I get off work.

I like those places for lunch to just because I like their food.

I stopped at Two Fellas Grill new location on Michigan Avenue in the building that used to be a Wendy’s (and more recently, the short lived Yummies) next to Campus Pointe last week for lunch.

This new restaurant replaces the old one just around the corner on Howard Street. I assume this one gives them the space they need for their delivery business since they had to close down the storefront they were using on Drake Road for that purpose.

The restaurant is still pretty much set up like a fast food joint. The order window is in the same spot it was for Wendy’s. They did do some painting to change it a little bit from the Yummie’s day but the front of the store is still pretty recognizable as a Wendy’s.

The menu of wraps hangs on the wall next to the order area. There’s also a menu hanging behind the cashier and paper menus available if you’ve never been to Two Fellas before and don’t know they deal in wraps. Delicious, very fillling wraps….and tots.

The dining room isn’t set up right now due to COVID. All the table are and pushed against the window at the back of the room. The dining area now has a rope que. I’ve driven by here on weekend nights recently and there is quite a line at times. The que keeps everything orderly and people spaced apart.

I put in my order for Chicken Parmesan wrap and an order of Mac and Cheese bites. The meal set me back a little over $14 before tip.

The Chicken Parmesan wrap is pretty simple. The large four tortilla is filled with chicken tenders, Parmesan cheese, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, and a marinara sauce. The thing I’ve always liked about Two Fellas is that they don’t rely on filler. The wrap is filled to the point of bursting but it’s filled with the good ingredients. No lettuce or anything to stretch these wraps out. Just delicious, grilled wraps that are almost enough for two meals.

The Mac & Cheese Bites are favorites in our house. They’re really simple…just triangles of macaroni & cheese breaded and deep fried. They’re not house made or anything. They’re clearly out of a bag from somewhere but they’re still delicious and still a good side to the meal for someone (me) who doesn’t like Tater Tots.

Two Fellas Grill is such a sleeper outside of the campus community. I’m always amazed at how many older people have never heard of it or think it’s just something for the college kids. Neither of those are true. Two Fellas is a great quick service “sandwich” option and like nothing else you can get in Kalamazoo.

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