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So…it’s been a while

April 25, 2020

The Stay Home, Stay Safe really changed things really quickly.  The first few weeks, we didn’t think it was going to last long but now it’s looking like this is going to be around for quite a while.

We’ve still been eating out.  J and I are fortunate that we both are still working.  I’m considered an essential worker.  I leave the house every day for my job.  J manages her department for a company that is considered essential so she spends most of her day on Zoom and phone calls working from home.

We’ve had daycare expenses cut to zero and that’s a huge chunk of money.  We’ve taken that extra money and tried to spread it around to as many restaurants as we can.

We’ve been eating out at least 6 meals awake.  Some weeks it’s been 7 or 8.

We’re finding a lot of places that we had forgotten about.  There are several places we haven’t eaten at in 10 years that we order from and the question each other about why we’ve never been back there.  We’re making a list of places that we need to go get a meal at once this over and write some new, updated blog posts.

Last week, J said I should have been blogging this whole time about our “quarantine meals” (yes, I know this isn’t actually a quarantine) and damn, I wish she would have thought of that sooner.

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and it will probably be a little while longer before I blog again.  Hopefully this fall we can get back to somewhat normal and all eat at our favorite restaurants again.

Until then, keep doing carry-out.  Keep ordering.  Keep these favorites alive.  And, of course, be safe and be well.


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