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Eat-N-Out Pizza & Gelato

August 12, 2019

  • 531 Monroe Street
  • Detroit, MI 48226
  • (313) 800-5718
  • Website
  • Menu

Day two in Detroit was a long one.  We started at 5 AM and didn’t get back to the hotel at 11:45 PM.

We were able to stop and grab breakfast around 8:30 AM but that was all we had the rest of the day aside from some snacks and a whole lot of Pepsi.

I guess I could have went in to the casino at Greektown to find something to eat but I’d rather not go in casinos if I don’t have to.  Can’t stand the fact they still allow smoking.

Good news.  I didn’t have to go in to the casino.  I found a pizza by the slice place that was open late.

Eat-N-Out Pizza & Gelato is real easy to miss if you don’t know it’s there.  There is very little signage on the narrow building tucked in between Exodus Lounge and Level Two Rooftop & Bar.  The only reason I stopped to look over is because my GPS said I was there.  The signage blends in to the awning and isn’t lit up like almost everything else on this block on Monroe Street. 

I started to walk in the restaurant but was greeted by a sign.  The inside was closed which I assume they do after a certain time every night.

The inside of the restaurant is pretty small.  There is a single row of tables with a shared bench seat and what look like leather ottomans on the other side.  There’s a large counter to order at inside as well but no seating at the counter that stretches the length of the dining room.

The window sign pointed to an order window in the front of the building to order from.  There was a woman who saw me walk up and opened the window.  There was no menu on that outside wall and I had no idea what they actually had ready…so I ordered three slices of pepperoni.

The three slices cost me just a little over $12 and they were boxed up and handed through the window in less than five minutes.

There were a few tables outside but I walked back to the Greektown Hotel to eat.  I grabbed a couple of Pepsi’s out of the vending machine on my way to my room then popped open the box to find three New York Style slices separated from one another with a sheet of foil

The slices were fine.  They were exactly what I was looking for but they were soggy and had no snap in the crust.  It was 12:30 at night and I had just worked a 19 hour day so the pizza actually tasted really good.  It’s just not a slice of pizza I’m going to rave about.

Eat-N-Out (despite it’s suggestive name) is actually a really good thing to have in this area.  There are a couple bars that party well into the night and the casino is right across the street.  Having a pizza by the slice joint that is open late is something all entertainment districts need.

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