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Cadillac Square Diner

August 11, 2019

  • 101 Cadillac Square
  • Detroit, MI 48226
  • (313) 974-6923
  • Website
  • Menu

Tuesday was our long day in Detroit.  We started work at 5 AM and got back to our hotel at about 11:45 PM.  Yeah…a 19 hour day.

We were working all day but it’s not a go, go, go type of work  We worked for a couple hours right away in the AM then had a little bit of downtown to get caught up on some paper and computer work then it was go, go, go for a couple more hours, some more relaxed work time before more go, go, go…you get the idea.

We had about an hour and a half after our morning rush and since we were staying at Greektown, there was no complimentary breakfast.

We actually had to run a few errands out in the suburbs then took our time coming back in to the City.  I got to see a lot of Detroit I had never seen before by taking Jefferson Avenue from the Grosse’s back downtown.

We had kind of talked about breakfast on our morning drive but I had no ideas.  My colleague has family in that area so he knows the lay of the land a little better than I do but there was nothing that really stuck out to him either.  I figured we were going to be downtown all morning and I had found a spot there, so we went looking for a parking spot.

We got super lucky and found street parking right in front of the Cadillac Square Diner.

The Cadillac Square Diner is on Cadillac Square between Bates and Randolph in the Cadillac Square Apartment building.  The diner is accessible through both the entrance to the high rise apartment building and it’s own street side entrance.

There is a small lunch counter next to the register when you come in the door but most of the seating is down a narrow hallway that leads to a much more open dining room.

The waitress told us to find a spot and she’d follow with menus.  She also brought over the coffee pot which my co-worker took but I declined and asked for a Coke.

The dining room is just pretty wide open.  The Cadillac Square Diner isn’t a fancy restaurant.  It’s a classic American breakfast and lunch spot and that’s reflected in the decor.  The walls are pretty bar and the floor is tiled.  It looks like the room used to be all windows looking back in to the building but the shades are now drawn closed.  The room is very bright and the ambiance the morning we were there was the local Fox affiliate’s morning show.

The breakfast menu was pretty large and somewhat diverse but I immediately spotted the Eggs Benedict.  The plate was three poached eggs on top of two English muffins with grilled ham and a lot of hollandaise sauce.  As a big eater, I love that there were three eggs but I wish there three pieces of bread to go with it.  I like poached eggs but they taste so much better with grilled bread and ham.  The Eggs Benedict was delicious though and it was very hearty.  The plate came with choice of grits or hash browns.  I picked the hash browns and only ate about half as there was so much food on my plate I just couldn’t finish it all.

My bill, before tip, was right around $12.

Cadillac Square Diner was exactly what I was looking for when we went looking for breakfast in Downtown Detroit.  There are trendier options but we just wanted delicious, hearty diner food and that’s what we were able to find.

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