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Devon’s Mackinac Island Fudge Company (Downtown Mackinaw City)

June 13, 2019

  • 304 E. Central Avenue
  • Mackinaw City, MI 49701
  • (231) 436-7885
  • Website
  • Menu

I couldn’t leave Mackinac Island without getting some fudge.  I was rushing to get back to the ferry every night after work and I had a lot of stuff with me that I didn’t feel like dragging in to a store on the Island.  I decided early on that I’d just get up on Friday morning and hit up one of the Mackinaw City fudge shops before I left town.

I worked well in to the night on Thursday to get all my work done.  I still dragged my butt out of bed a little after 8:00 on Friday morning so I could get on the road.  The fudge shops didn’t open until 9:00 so I had a little time to load up the car and grab a Pepsi to wake myself up before heading downtown.

I picked Devon’s Mackinac Island Fudge Company to stop at because it’s a candy shop I’ve never been to.  There’s a Murdick’s and a Kilwin’s in Mackinaw City but I’ve gotten fudge from them on the Island so why not try someplace new.

There are two Devon’s Mackinac Island Fudge Company locations in Mackinaw City.  One is in the Mackinaw Crossings shopping development.  The other is on Central Avenue in downtown Mackinaw City.

I stopped at the downtown location almost right as they opened at 9:00.  Devon’s is on the south side of the street at what would be the intersection with Henry if that street went all the way through.  The small candy store is snuggled in between the Post Office and gift shop.

The store is a wide open, no frills candy shop with neutral tile floors, white walls, and blue shelves.  Devon’s also does taffy and popcorn plus they have ice cream and bulk candy for sale.

The fudge is all individually wrapped displayed in a huge case.  The special at Devon’s is buy two get two free.  I was going to get three anyway so the fourth one was a bonus.

I tried not to be selfish and instead did my best to pick something for everybody.  The four I picked were Cookie Dough, Cookie & Cream, Double Dark Caramel Sea Salt, and S’Mores.  The cost was just under $19 and the four slices of fudge were boxed up and secured with a ribbon for the drive back to Kalamazoo.

The Cookie Dough was the first one I opened when I got home.  The kids were still at school and J was at work so technically, I could have eaten all the fudge and no one would have been the wiser, but I didn’t.  I did eat about half the fudge because it was a delicious white chocolate fudge with little bits to give it that cookie dough flavor.

When the kids got home, I unwrapped the Cookie & Cream and shared that one with them.  Again, a white chocolate fudge with tiny cookie bits and a lot of sugar.  No matter where we get fudge from, this is one of my favorite flavors.

I got the Double Dark Chocolate Caramel Seat Salt for J but she’s not a big dark chocolate fan.  She prefers that combo with Milk Chocolate.  We each took about half of this one eventually.  The double dark chocolate is mellowed out some with the gooey carmael and crunchy sea salt that serves as a crown on the top of this slice.

The last slice was the S’Mores.  I don’t really like S’mores but I thought the kids would love it.  It wasn’t as popular as I thought it would be.  Not really sure why.  I ended up finishing this one off about a week later and I thought it was just a little bit sweeter chocolate.

Devon’s Mackinac Island Fudge Company was a easy stop for me as I was leaving town and it’s the same delicious fudge that you can find all over Northern Michigan.  Is it any better or any worse than any place else?  No.  It’s just a delicious treat that I think Michiganders don’t realize how lucky we are to have places all over the state that sell this delicious confection.

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