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Duncan City Pizza

June 6, 2019

  • 630 S. Main Street
  • Cheboygan, MI 49721
  • (231) 597-5400
  • Website
  • Menu

If you know me.  You know I love wings and I don’t like talking to people.  The story of how I found tasty wings in Cheboygan, MI is very out of character for me.

I was on the ferry after day two of work on Mackinac Island.  It was another long, exhausting day and I didn’t really feel like going out for dinner.  I tried to sit away from people on the ferry that night but it was pretty crowded and I ended up sitting next to a couple people who vacation every year in Northern Michigan.  We got talking about dinner and I mentioned wings and his eyes lit up.

He pointed me towards a pizza place about twenty minutes up the road.  I was hesitant because I was tired and just wanted to get to bed so I could get up early on Friday to head home but I decided to take his advice.

Duncan City Pizza is a small pizza shop on Main Street on the southside of Cheboygan.  It shares a building with a State Farm office near the corner of South Main Street (also M-27) and Lincoln Avenue. 

I called in my order from a gas station in Mackinaw City.  It was about a 25 minute drive and the lady who answered the phone said it’d be about 20 minutes to cook.  My order was an individual order of smoked dry rubbed wings with garlic Parmesan sauce and a 14″ thin crust pepperoni pizza.  I mean, I wanted the wings but I might as well get pizza too so I have something for breakfast the next morning too.

The pizzeria was empty when I walked in just before 8:30.  The pick up area is a big, open room with metal roof panels used as siding on the counter that runs in an L-shape around the side of the building.  The restaurant looks fairly new.  At one point in it’s history, this place was a B.C. Pizza but now it has a sleek, dark color palate that highlights the exposed brick walls

There’s a small dining room just off the lobby area.  There are only a couple of tables so it’s not really a place for large groups.  I popped in just to get some red pepper flakes for the pizza.

My food was ready when I walked in.  The cost was right around $15 before tip.

I started with the pizza when I got back to my car because I actually had some work to do on my laptop so I put that on the hood of my car right next to the box of pizza.  I ordered the thin crust because..well, I like thin crust.  This pizza is a nice thin crust cut in to triangles.

The pizza is really delicious.  It has a great golden brown, greasy top layer from the cheese and a crispy, greasy layer of pepperoni.  I only ate a couple of slices because I never intended to eat the whole thing.  I just wanted a taste and some leftovers for breakfast the next morning but I easily could have eaten this whole pizza on my own.

It did not take me long to break open the box holding the wings when I got back to my hotel in Mackinaw City.  The wings are smoked but they also appear to be fried.  There was a delicious, smokey, crispy skin on these large, juicy wings.

The wings are served naked and they come with a container of sauce.  This threw me off at first.  I thought it was stupid.  Why wouldn’t they drench the wings in the Garlic Parmesan sauce, but then I tried one…and man, these wings were good on their own.  The Garlic Parmesan sauce is more of a garlic butter like you’d dip pizza crust in to but a little thicker with the addition of Parmesan.  I tried dipping the wings in the sauce and….it was amazing.  The Garlic Parmesan butter actually stuck really well to the wings.  It was just thick enough with the addition of the cheese.  These wings were awesome.  I was actually disappointed I didn’t order more and even considered going back but they were closed by the time I finished this box off.

I am so glad I was forced to be social on the ferry.  I never would have thought to look in Cheboygan for a place to eat.  I really enjoyed this place.  These wings aren’t the typical mushy baked things you get from a lot of pizza places.  They’re crunchy, they’re smokey, and they’re delicious……and, oh yeah, the pizza is pretty delicious too.



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