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BC Pizza (Kalamazoo)

April 15, 2019

  • 1710 W. Main Street
  • Kalamazoo, MI 49006
  • (269) 532-1688
  • Website
  • Menu

As someone who has been blogging about food for almost 11 years, I shouldn’t get all that excited when a new chain restaurant opens in town.   If it’s a McDonalds or an Applebees, or something we already have, I don’t.

My enthusiasm for chains gets even higher when it’s more of a regional chain and if you want to narrow that down to just Michigan, well, hell, it might as well not even be a chain.  Of course I’m excited about it.

BC Pizza is the newest chain take-out/delivery pizza joint to pop up in Kalamazoo.  They’re a northern Michigan pizza chain with the previous furthest south location being in Dorr.

The Kalamazoo location opened on West Main in the Tiffany’s Village Retail Center in Kalamazoo Township between Tiffany’s Wine and Spirits and Saffron.  It’s in the spot that was previously occupied by Papa John’s.

The pizzeria just opened a couple of weeks ago and unfortunately, they don’t have an online ordering option on the website yet.  There was a random link on the receipt but I threw that away without writing it down. That came back to bite me in the ass when I tried to order from there the other night and couldn’t get through on the phone.  We gave up and ordered a terrible pizza from Roma’s Pizza using Door Dash.

I did things the old fashioned way and called in my order.  J and I were getting ready to watch MSU lose to Texas Tech in the National Semi-Final and the kids were at a friends house so I just got one 14″ pizza and an order of Cheesy Bread.  I was supposed to do a half pepproni half cheese but I didn’t realize J was going to eat with me so I just got all pepperoni.

The store is set up like most take-out/delivery pizza joints.  There’s a large counter right at the front of the kitchen so you can look in and see how the pizza gets made.

And there are a few tables next to a bank of TV’s on the wall in case your in the dine-in mood.  The store uses a lot of white on both the floors and the walls to give the place a nice bright, clean feel.

I picked up my pizza and cheesy bread plus I added on a 2-liter of Pepsi when I saw they carried Pepsi products.  The total was a little over $23 before tip.

We opened up the Cheesy Bread first like we pretty much always do when I got home.  We did the 10″ Cheesy Bread which is a pizza crust covered in garlic, herbs, and mozzarella cheese.  The picture on the website shows it with marinara sauce which it really needed.  We didn’t get one if we were supposed to and I was never asked if I wanted one.  The bread was good but it’s dry.  It just needs a little something to dip in to.  We’ll remember that for next time.

The 14″ pizza was more than enough to feed J and me.  It’s a pretty standard construction for a delivery pizza.  The crust is pretty thick but J remarked that she really liked it.  This kind of pizza is not typically her favorite but she said the crust was soft and chewy and it was cooked pretty well-done which she really likes.

The pizza had a really solid layer of a sweet, delicious sauce that was topped with golden brown cheese and a lot of pepperoni.  Again, J’s not a huge pepperoni person but she seemed to like this pizza enough to want to order it again.  I really enjoyed it as well…moreso than I typically do delivery pizza.

We still haven’t figured out if BC Pizza delivers to us or not but here’s to hoping they do.  Pretty much anything that took Papa John’s spot would be better than Papa John’s but BC Pizza is such a vast improvement.  The northerner’s have had this all to themselves for too long.  It’s nice of them to share with us down here in Southwest Michigan.

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