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B. C. Pizza – Dorr

August 15, 2010

  • 1628 142nd Avenue
  • Dorr, MI 49323
  • (616) 681-6000
  • Website
  • Menu

If I could live on pizza, I would.  Well, pizza and burgers…and fries…but anyway.  J e-mailed me at work tonight and said she had a taste for pizza.  What a coincidence.  So did I.  I was planning on coming home and putting in a frozen pizza, but that wouldn’t be enough for the two of us.

J asked if I wanted her to just order Cottage Inn or try something.  You know me.  There’s always something else.

Every time I drive to Grand Rapids I pass the exit for Dorr and just before the exit is one of those blue signs with food options off the Interstate.  I looked it up, gave the info to J and let her put in an order.

B. C. Pizza is a regional chain of pizza places.  The original store opened in Boyne City in 1988 and since then, they’ve expanded to over 30 in Central and Southwest Michigan.  Oh, the initials B. C.  Pretty simple.  “Best Choice.”

The B. C. Pizza in Dorr is right on the east edge of town in a pretty empty strip mall.  The row of business used to be anchored by Dick’s Food Market, but they packed up and moved to a much larger store right across the street. 

J called in the order as I was leaving work in Grand Rapids.  By the time I got to Dorr, the pizza was ready.  All I had to do was walk through the dining room to the order counter in the back of the space and pick it up.

The order J put in was for a large Square Deep Dish Bacon pizza and an order of Cina-Sticky Fingers.  She was going to get a second pizza so we’d have lunch tomorrow, but she figured the deep dish would leave enough leftovers.

The bill was a little over $15 and I was back on US-131 in no time.

The pizza stayed pretty warm on the ride home and the smell of the cinnamon bread was killing me.  I really wanted to reach in to the back seat and grab a couple, but I decided I should just wait until I got home.

J was just as excited as I was when I got in the door.  The pizza smelled delicious and both of us were hungry.

We put the Cina-Sticky Fingers off to the side and went straight for the pizza.  J is not usually a fan of deep dish pizza, so I was surprised to hear her say, ‘This is really good” as I was getting napkins and a drink.  Turns out the pizza has a good, buttery crust and it was topped with a ton of bacon.

After I got settled, I grabbed a slice and had to echo her earlier statement.  The pizza was really good.  J and I are usually thin crust people, but the Detroit-Style pizza has really grown on us.  The pizza from B. C. had a really golden, crunchy, yet not burnt outer edge.  The Detroit Style is very similar to Chicago Style..which I also love, but the square pizza gives you more crust and for some reason, with this type of pizza, I want more crust.

After we had a few pieces of pizza, we opened the box for the cinnamon bread.   Instead of a pizza like cinnamon bread, these were bread sticks that had been dusted with cinnamon sugar.  There was also a bag of icing to put on top and of course, we took advantage of all of that.  The bread was a little chewy, but that didn’t stop either of us from eating them.  I didn’t figure they’d be very good cold, so I made sure to polish them off…yeah, that’s my excuse.  I’m a fatty.

I had never heard of B. C. Pizza until recently and I always like to give Michigan based companies a fair shot.  We really liked the pizza and really have never had any reason to go to Dorr to get it.  Another case of me being influenced by a sign.  It’s not that far off the highway and it’s an easy stop on yet another commute.

Square Deep Dish Bacon Pizza

Cina-Sticky Fingers

B C Pizza - Dorr on Urbanspoon

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