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February 25, 2019

  • 179 E. Battle Creek Street
  • Galesburg, MI 49053
  • (269)
  • Website 
  • Menu

I don’t know how many times it’s happened to me.  I’m just driving through town and I’ll spot a little restaurant well off the highway.  I may not always stop on my first trip through but if it’s someplace I drive through somewhat regularly, I’ll make a mental note to get back.

I’ve been taking M-96 to and from Battle Creek quite a bit lately.  There’s a few places to eat along the way but I’m usually in a hurry so I keep going.  I’ve noticed a place pop up on the edge of Galesburg recently.  It doesn’t look like much but they’ve done an advertising blitz that really caught my attention.

Bowkers is on the East side of Galesburg on Battle Creek Street (also M-96) not too far from that weird intersection at the railroad tracks with Burgess Drive.  The building is a pretty plain looking long white wood building that I believe was a couple of apartments at one time.  Bowkers is on the west end of the building with the entrance marked with a bright red door. 

The restaurant is pretty small.  It’s a take out only place so the only seating is a couple of benches alongside the outside wall.  A large counter separates the waiting area from the kitchen.  The openness of the place allows you to see your food being made.

Ordering is done right as you walk in the door.  There’s a small cutout on the large counter with the cash register.  There’s also a small dry erase board with daily specials right as you walk in.

The menu is pretty large with Take-and-Bake pizzas being the main item.  They also have a large list of sub sandwiches, Mexican foods and hot dogs.  The menu hangs off to your right on the wall right next to the door.

I didn’t realize the pizzas were take-and-bake before I stopped so I had to change plans once I got there.  No worries though as there are a number of sandwiches to choose from.

I picked the Italian sub. It comes on a hoagie roll filled with salami, pepperoni, hot ham, capicola, lettuce, tomato, mozzarella cheese, and mayo.  I asked for the sandwich without mayo and got a lot of puzzled looks.  They asked if I wanted a different sauce and I said no.  Just the meat, cheese, and veggies would be fine.

The cost was a little over $8 before tip and that includes a bag of chips but not a drink.

I ate the chips in the car but waited until I got back to the office to eat the sandwich.  I was really happy with the sub when I did finally dig in to it.  There was quite a bit of meat layered on the bottom then topped with plenty of lettuce and a handful of diced tomatoes on top.  I wiped off a lot of the tomatoes so it wasn’t overpowering.  The sandwich was quite filling and even a little spicy with all of the Italian meats.

One last note, Bowkers has online ordering for pick up orders but I can’t find a phone number for the place anywhere which is a little odd.

Bowkers is a great place to pick up a quick lunch or dinner before a basketball game at the high school.  I’m curious about the pizzas but I don’t have an oven at work so that wasn’t an option.  We used to have a place that did take-and-bakes where I grew up and we used to take advantage of it all the time.

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