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October 25, 2018

  • 422 Franklin Street
  • Michigan City, IN 46360
  • (219) 210-3253
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So…I’m another year older.  My birthday was earlier this week and to celebrate, my entire family met us in Michigan City for lunch.

I thought it was just going to be my mom and dad but my brother and his family came along too.  It worked out great.  The kids all got to see each other and I got a burger and a beer.

We met at the Lighthouse Place Premium Outlets before we headed to lunch.  My nieces have gotten my daughter in to UnderArmour clothes so my mom has been going crazy buying for all three.  We hit up the outlet there to pick out some Christmas presents then a couple of other places before heading to lunch.

We’ve been going to Michigan City for almost ten years and I still don’t really know of any great local restaurants.  They have those stupid liquor laws about kids and bars so I tend to stay away from breweries even if kids are welcome.

I happened to find a place near the Outlets that looked really good…and it was open on Sunday.

Fiddlehead is on Franklin Street on the north end of downtown.  The building looks kind of odd in a downtown with connected, old brick buildings.  This building does butt right up to the building next to it, but instead of brick all the way up, there is metal siding that makes this property really stick out.  The building has been many things in the past including a furniture store and a medical lab.  It’s now home to the local newspaper, a non-profit cluster, and this restaurant.

The restaurant is in the very front of the building with parking in angled spots on the one-way street in front.  We got there just after they opened at noon and came in to a small waiting area with a host stand where we stood…and stood…and stood waiting for someone to show us to a table.

A waiter finally did come over and saw we had a big party (ten people) and pulled some tables together for us in the dining room.

There are three distinct seating areas in Fiddlehead.  We were put in a larger dining space where several other families and larger parties were seated.  The restaurant isn’t very big and it was pretty busy by the time we left on this Sunday afternoon.

The space is pretty retro modern with hardwood floors, tin ceilings, and exposed brick walls.  The tables and chairs are all solid wood and local art is hung on the walls.

The other dining room is about the same, a little bit smaller, but the brick walls are replaced with drywall painted in various shades of calming blue.

The bar is kind of separated from the rest of the room with a waist high wall.  There is a big horseshoe ball with pub chairs all the way around.  There is one TV on the back wall that was turned to the Bears game.  We could sort of see it where we were sitting so we could stay updated on another heartbreaking Bears loss.

The same guy who sat us was our waiter. I grabbed the drink menu off the table and there was a note that they didn’t have much bottled beer because of a broker cooler.  I saw a chalkboard near the bar that listed the draft beer.  I could just barely make it out without getting up and walking over there but I thought I could read one.  Cone Crusher from 18th Street Brewery in Hammond, Indiana.  I like Double IPA’s and that’s what this one appeared to be when I looked it up so that’s what I ordered.

I was about the only one that actually got anything to drink.  I think J got a Diet Pepsi and my sister-in-law got a Sierra Mist.  Everyone else stuck with water.  The kids all got lemonade but they didn’t have lids for the cups so that caused an issue with B…but he got over it.

It took quite a while to get the drinks and then quite a while afterwards for our order to be taken.  This was not the fault of our waiter.  He was running around busy the whole time.  The restaurant seemed a little understaffed.  Not sure if this is a typical Sunday or if we just happened to walk in on a day when everyone else had the same idea.

I picked Fiddlehead because the menu looked like a there was something that everyone in my family would enjoy.  I picked the Grass Fed Burger with bleu cheese and added bacon for an upcharge.  The burger was slightly pink on the inside so it was nice and juicy.  I love it when the burger greases and juices mix with the tangy bleu cheese that’s piled on top.  The sandwich is served on a soft brioche bun with fries.  My dad also ordered the Grass Fed Burger but didn’t want the fries.  They actually got our plates backwards so we were passing fries across the table.  Pretty sure he ended up keeping some of mine.

J and my brother both ordered The Hipster. The sandwich is pulled pork, bacon, gouda, mozzarella, a lemon-garlic aioli, candied jalapenos, and a chipotle slaw on a pretzel roll.  The pork was likely roasted and it was swimming in thick, sweet sauce.  J was still talking about how good this sandwich was two days later.  She really likes pulled pork but only likes it a certain way and this is exactly the way she likes it.  She asked for truffled-parmesan fries but they were out of truffle oil so she upgraded to regular fries instead (sandwiches other than the burger come with kettle chips).

Three of the four kids ordered the Mac ‘N Cheese.  This bowl was filled with a delicious, thick, creamy cheese sauce that covered the corkscrew pasta noodles.  L was a little turned off by the parsley and bread crumbs so I ate as much off the top as I could to make her happy.  She ate about half and I desperately wanted to finish her bowl but we had it boxed up to go instead.  The pasta came with a side of garlic bread which all the kids ate quickly so I didn’t even get a taste.

The one niece who didn’t get mac ‘n cheese ordered the Kid’s Spaghetti instead.  It’s a simple dish served in the same bowl as the mac ‘n cheese.  A thin tomato sauce covered the noodles and was topped with Parmesan cheese.

My sister-in-law Pesto-Ranch Chicken Sandwich.  the free-range chicken breast is grilled and topped with a pesto, mozzarella cheese, lettuce, tomato, and ranch. The sandwich was a little messy but she seemed to really like it.

My mom ordered the Chicken Salad sandwich.  She was talking aobut ordering the Summer Berry Salad but changed her mind once the waiter came around.  The sandwich is large chunks of free range chicken breast with walnuts, apple, celery, herbs, tomato, lettuce, and mayonnaise on an herbed sourdough bread.  My mom’s always the wildcard when it comes to eating out.  We never know what she’s going to order.  I would never consider ordering chicken salad, but she seemed to really enjoy it.

The bill for the ten of us was a little over $110 which my parents and my brother paid for with cash…..I guess it was my birthday so my family got treated as well.

Fiddlehead is a great spot in downtown Michigan City.  The service on this visit was a little slow but I really think it was an understaffing issue and not a waiter issue.   Our thought our waiter was working his butt off and did so the entire time with a smile on his face.  Our meal took about an hour and a half which is longer than I like lunch to take but it did give us some time to catch up with family.  My brother just got back from a work trip to Switzerland then a family vacation to Disney so we had a lot to talk about.  I think everyone agreed the food was delicious so at least there was a payoff to the amount of time we spent waiting.

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