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Kelvin & Co. BBQ (Oshtemo)

September 18, 2018

  • 5167 W. Main Street
  • Kalamazoo, MI 49009
  • (833) 535-8467
  • Website
  • Menu

I could eat BBQ everyday.  Couldn’t you?  I mean, seriously, it’s one of the most perfect foods.  Salty, tender meat (sometimes) in a thick, sweet sauce.  It’s just….perfect.

I was super excited when Kevlin & Co announced they were opening a second location.  Even more so when I saw that location was going to be closer to me.

The second Kelvin & Co. BBQ location opened up a few months ago on West Main Street in Oshtemo Township.  It’s just to the west of Drake Road in the new building in front of Kohls that is also home to Jimmy John’s and Five Guys.

The building is a pretty small corner space with only enough room for one row of tables stretching alongside the outside wall of the building.  The look of the space is kept clean and simple with wood grain accents on neutral walls and black chairs that kind of pop against the soft tones.

Right inside the door is an order counter and kitchen.  The menu hangs above the open area and you’re separated from the small kitchen by a neck high glass partition on top of a wood slat counter.

The ordering is done right as you walk in.  It doesn’t look like the right spot because you are talking over/through the piece of glass, but the person cutting the meat is right there.  On busy days, you’d put in an order then slide around the corner to pay so they’d just have an assembly line going.  On my visit, I was the first one in the store for the day so there was no one in front of me.

I put in an order for a large portion of the sliced brisket and a large order of the Jalapeno Mac & Cheese.  I was asked which BBQ sauce I wanted on the side.  I didn’t know what to say until I was pointed to another section of the glass partition that lists all of their sauces.  I picked the Signature although I had my doubts I was even going to use it.

The cost of the meal, without a drink….they have Coke products so I went to the gas station next door and got a Pepsi, was a little over $15.  That’s not bad for BBQ and really not bad for good BBQ.

I headed back to work to eat since I had things to do.  I popped open the container with the Jalapeno Mac & Cheese first.  One of my criticisms (actually the only criticism) of my first visit to Kelvin & Co. downtown was the portion size.  They definitely solved that issue with this large portion.  I was expecting something much smaller since that’s what I got downtown when they first opened.  That was not the case.  This cup of mac & cheese would have been enough for a meal for some people.  The Jalapeno mac is just slightly spicy and a good match for the rich cheese sauce on the macaroni noodles.

The brisket…man, there isn’t enough good things I can say about this brisket.  I almost did a sandwich which comes with chopped brisket but I went for the sliced meat instead.  The brisket was so tender and salty.  It was perfect.  It tastes and feels exactly how brisket should.  Just to make sure this wasn’t a fluke, I went back a few days later and just ordered the brisket to make sure it was the same.  It was.  Super tender and salty.  I am addicted.  It. Is. So. Good!

I like making my own BBQ but I don’t always have the time to do so. Brisket is an all day and night thing so it turns in to a once a  year thing for me.  I really got a taste for good brisket a few years ago when I went to Dallas and got Lockhart’s which set the bar very high.  Kelvin & Co definitely matches that and could exceed it….I’d have to do a side by side taste test to be sure….so someone should make that happen.  I still really wish they had fries…but, there is a Five Guys next door.   This Kelvin & Co is close to home, and I know I say this often, but it’s dangerous.  Good food should require me making an effort to get….I’m so lucky to have so much delicious food so close to home.

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  1. Sam Kline permalink
    October 3, 2018 7:58 pm

    Awesome place to eat some of the best bbq in the midwest fo sho.
    Sam Kline

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