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Weller Barbecue

September 21, 2018

I have really been on a brisket kick lately.  I just can’t get enough of it.  I ate at Kelvin & Co. twice in four days and one day in between, I hit up a food truck.

It wasn’t really my intention to walk over to Bronson Park for lunch.  I had some downtown at work and went for a walk.  I could smell all the delicious food and there didn’t seem to be any lines so I crossed the street to look for something to eat.

It seems like BBQ food trucks are the most abundant kind of food trucks.  There were a couple different ones selling ‘cue but I noticed one I hadn’t been to yet.  I decided to give them a try to see how they stack up.

Weller Barbecue has been on the road for about two years now.  I’ve seen them at Lunchtime Live several times, but I haven’t eaten there much this summer so I just never made my way to their big black truck.  

 photo wellerbbq5.jpg

They’ve got a pretty unique menu.  You’re not just going to get a piece of bread with meat on it.  There are a few other options including some delicious looking tacos, BBQ mac and cheese, and nachos.

 photo 271da142-2530-4901-93e7-5c42ce44c8c8.jpg

In all of the times that I have gone to Lunchtime Live, I have never been there when there were no lines.  None of the trucks had a line so I really had my choice.  This stop was happening while the Bronson Park Freedom Encampment was going on…not sure if that had anything to do with lack of people or if it’s just summer winding down and people aren’t getting out of the office as much.

Everything on the menu look absolutely amazing, but I had to choose.  My pick was the Texan Sandwich and a side of homemade mac & cheese.  They only had Coke to drink so I passed on that.  My total was $14 which I could pay for with a credit card.

It took just a few minutes for my food to be passed through the window.  I grabbed it and headed back to the office to eat.

The Texan Sandwich was something else.  The smoked brisket was covered in a homemade queso and topped with pickled jalapenos.  The bun looked like it was a brioche bun that I buy at Costco all the time.  There was just no way to pick this sandwich up and eat it so I grabbed a fork and did it that way.  The queso was the dominant flavor but the saltiness and smokiness from the super tender brisket poked through at times.  The choice of bun was actually pretty good because it really holds up to the mess of a sandwich.

The homemade mac & cheese was a little bit bigger portion than I was expecting.  It’s a pretty solid side made with cheddar cheese.  It didn’t have a wow factor to it, but it was quite delicious and works as a compliment to the sandwiches on the menu.

I really enjoyed Weller Barbecue.  I liked the unique take on the brisket sandwich by covering it in a cheese sauce and I felt like I actually got a good sized, delicious meal from a food truck.  Sometimes it can seem like you’re getting a very tasty but albeit very small portion from the trucks.  I didn’t get that with Weller.  I had a fantastic lunch and I felt satisfied when I was done shoveling the last of the mac & cheese in to my mouth.

Weller Barbecue Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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