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Salvino’s Ristorante (Wayland)

December 17, 2017

  • 700 W. Superior Street
  • Wayland, MI 49348
  • (269) 792-8000
  • Website
  • Menu

I’ve gotten used to not driving to Grand Rapids everyday so on days when I have to, it seems like such a pain.  When my co-worker in Kalamazoo off, there’s a 50/50 chance I’ll end up at the office in Grand Rapids.  That happened last Friday when my C.W.  took time off to travel with family.

J was home with the kids and had some errands to run about the same time I was getting ready to leave Grand Rapids.  She asked if there was any pizza I could pick up on the way home.  If not, she would just have Dominos delivered again, but since I had the opportunity to get something different, I decided to do it.

When I still worked in Grand Rapids, I stopped at Salvino’s Ristorante in Plainwell one night to pick up a pizza on my way home.  It was simple to order online and pick up the pizza then head home for the night.  Since I had already blogged about the Plainwell location, I decided to order from Salvino’s other location in Wayland.

Salvino’s Ristorante Sports Bar & Grill is on Superior Street in Wayland.  Superior is the street you get off to from US-131.  The restaurant is about a half mile east of the highway just past the railroad tracks before you get to downtown.  The building was Uccello’s Ristorante in it’s previous life.

I once again ordered online before I left work.  It sounds stupid but I had a really hard time finding the online ordering feature on their website.  It’s on the main page but I didn’t scroll down.  I was looking for it in the menu section.  It’s was IT guys call and I-D-10-T.

I put in an order for a medium cheese pizza, a large Chicago-Style pepperoni pizza, and an order of Pan-Style Cheese Breadsticks.  The total came out to just over $35.

I pulled into the parking lot just before 6:00.  There is a separate entrance for pickup just off the parking lot with spots right up front for carry-out parking.  This is the same set-up Uccello’s had so I’ve still actually never been inside this restaurant.  I really like when places do carry-out like this. It’s a popular feature in Chicago restaurants near my in-laws and it makes doing carry-out so much easier than going to the bar or tying up the hostess.

The carry-out area is just a small room with an order counter, a pop cooler and a couple of chairs in case you don’t time out your pick-up right.  I was a little later getting there than I planned on due to getting hung up at work so my pizzas were waiting when I walked in.

My family was waiting for me when I walked in the house with the three boxes.  I was later than I had hoped to be so everyone was hungry.  I got the kids set up first with the cheese pizza.  The traditional pizza has a pretty thin crust and it was topped with a golden brown mixture of cheese.  The sauce was quite sweet and a great compliment to the well done cheese that topped it.  The last time I ordered I got the hand tossed thick crust so this was my first experience with the traditional crust was somewhat thin and it was quite delicious.

When I got everyone set up with pizza, I grabbed one of the bread sticks.  The Pan Style Cheese Bread Sticks is a thick, buttery crust topped with mozzarella cheese.  There is a large cup of the sweet marinara sauce for dipping that comes on the side.  Bread sticks are always good but some times they can be just kind of blah.  These were not that.  They were quite delicious.

I ordered the large Chicago-Style pizza because I wanted something different. To some people, Chicago-Style means thick crust.  To people actually from Chicago, it has a different meaning.  It means a fat heavy, buttery thin crust that is built up topping first to a deep-dish pizza.  The crust on a Chicago-Style pizza is not actually all that thick.  The layers or meat, cheese, and sauce is what makes Chicago-Style thick.  The Chicago-Style from Salvino’s is a thick crust pizza that has more of a buttery taste than the regular crust but it’s not really a “Chicago-Style.”  It’s still delicious.  It has that same sweet sauce as the other pizzas and it was cooked to a golden brown that left the pepperoni’s on top nice and crispy and the cheese around the edges brown and crunchy.  It wasn’t quite what I was but it was still a very good pizza.

Salvino’s Ristorante was a hit in our house.  J commented a couple of times how much she liked the sauce and the pizzas were cooked, without me asking, to a great golden brown color giving the cheese just the slightest bit of crunch.  Neither location is really close to us which will keep us from ordering it regularly, but it’s a solid pizza joint.

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