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Uccello’s Ristorante – Wayland

October 15, 2012

  • 700 W. Superior Street
  • Wayland, MI 49348
  • (269) 792-8000 (Restaurant)
  • (269) 792-6211 (Take-Out)
  • Website
  • Menu

Most nights, I’m driving past Wayland after midnight.  I stop in the little town quite often to either hit up the drive thru at McDonalds or pick up some Tornados from Speedway.

On this night, I worked a somewhat normal afternoon shift.  I was leaving Grand Rapids around 6:30 and I wanted a pizza.  I knew there’s a pizza place in Wayland that we haven’t tried yet, so I looked them up and put in an order.

Uccello’s in Wayland is on Superior Street just to the east of the railroad tracks.  To Grand Rapids readers, the Uccello’s name may sound familiar.  There are four restaurants with that name, but the relationship to the Wayland restaurant is unclear.  The four Grand Rapids area restaurants share a website and make no mention of the Wayland restaurant.  The Wayland store has it’s own site and makes no mention of the other four.

I called in my order around 6:20.  While they have a full menu of pizza, sandwiches, pastas and more, it was the pizza that I was after.  I ordered a 14″ Chicago Style BBQ Pizza.

It took me about 40 minutes to make it to the restaurant after leaving a little later than I was expecting, but the pizza was going to take at least 30 minutes.  The restaurant has two entrances off their large parking lot on the east side of the building.  The entrance closest to Superior Street takes you in to the dining room.  The back entrance is a take out counter.  I love when pizza restaurants do this.  You know they do a pretty good carry-out business and it’s so much easier than going in and having to deal with several people to get you to the right place.

The pizza was being boxed up as I walked in the door.  I settled the $19 bill then grabbed my pizza and headed home. 

I don’t know why, but I have really been on a BBQ Chicken pizza kick lately.  J wasn’t too surprised when I opened the box and she saw BBQ sauce.  She was a little surprised by the thick, “Chicago-Style” crust.

Let’s start with the crust.  I’ve written many times about Chicago style crusts outside of Chicago.  So many people think that “Chicago-Style” is just a thick crust.  To put in perspective, that’s like saying a Coney Dog is any hot dog with chili.

The crust of Uccello’s Chicago-Style is like an unstuffed Giordano’s.  It’s a very thick crust, but it lacks the butter or large fat content that would make it an authentic Chicago Style.  It was flakier than a normal thick crust, but not quite the rich, buttery crust that makes Chicago style pizzas so unique.

The toppings on this particular BBQ pizza included a sweet, delicious, tangy BBQ sauce, large pieces of grilled chicken breast, mozzarella cheese and red onions (which we chose to leave off).  The large, filling pizza was delicious.  There were chunks of chicken in every bite and a generous helping of that sweet BBQ sauce.  The 14″ Chicago Style pizza will be enough for a couple meals.

If we lived in Wayland, Uccello’s would be a number we’d have on speed dial in our phone.  The pizza was really good, but I’d like to try their regular crust now.


14″ Chicago Style BBQ Pizza

14″ Chicago Style BBQ Pizza


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  1. October 15, 2012 3:19 pm

    This is pretty close to me! Sounds good!

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