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Town Fried Chicken & Pizza

June 27, 2016

  • 725 Eastern Avenue SE
  • Grand Rapids, MI 49503
  • (616) 284-2020
  • No Known Website
  • Menu

Sometimes you find amazing friend chicken in the weirdest places.  Sometimes you get exactly what you think you’re going to get from the weirdest places.  It’s a crap shoot, but it’s a crap shoot that I like to play.

I drive along Eastern Avenue quite a bit and for years, I’ve seen a sign for chicken at a party store.  It wasn’t until I stopped in one day to grab a Pepsi that I actually looked at the menu and made that mental note to stop back one day when I was hungry.

I’m pretty sure the name of the joint is Town Fried Chicken & Pizza….at least that’s what the menu says and they claim to be under new management.  I know the owners behind New York Fried Chicken used to operate this space at New York Town’s Fried Chicken until they moved out on their own.  Other than that, I know next to nothing about this place because there is literally nothing online about it.

The small carry-out space is inside Fannie’s Corner on the corner of Eastern Avenue and Bates Street SE.  The store isn’t in the greatest shape and the carry-out counter fits in with it’s surroundings.  It’s interesting that the convenience part of the store has bullet proof glass protecting the cashier, but the restaurant part does not.  

The menu is on a fast food style board surrounding the counter.  There’s also pieces of paper with specials on them taped to the window that partially separates the kitchen from the store.  The man working the counter handed me a paper menu to look at as that was easier to make sense of all the different things they have on the menu.

The back of the menu has 23 combo options of the various chicken, fish, and sandwiches that they offer.  I picked Combo #13 which is whole wings, fries, and a drink.  I chose the 12 wing option and I’m glad I did.

The cost of the meal was a little over $12 and I paid cash although they do advertise they take WIC and Bridge Cards in a “You Buy, We Fry” type of operation.  The man working the kitchen said it’d be about 8-10 minutes so I took a seat on some pretty beat up chairs that were lined up right near the counter.

True to his word, it did take less than 10 minutes for my chicken to be cooked and boxed up.  They don’t season either the chicken or the fries instead leaving that to you with a choice of sauces and seasonings on the counter.  They let me look at the food before they bagged it up giving me a chance to put some seasoning salt on the fries while they were still nice and hot.

I headed straight back to work after getting my food.  There’s no place to eat in the convenience store, so carry-out is the only option.

I was a little hesitant to ordering 12 wings initially, but like I mentioned a few paragraphs ago, I’m glad I did.  The wings were pretty small.  They were very crispy and even pretty juicy, but there was not a lot of meat on the bones.  I can’t really complain too much about the taste.  The breading itself could have used a little something.  The wings were so small, the breading cooked really fast leaving just a crispiness without much flavor.  The meat that was there was pretty tender.  It ripped off the bone easily and was very juicy.

A Dozen Whole Wings

The fries were fries.  Can’t say much about them.  They were also nice and crispy and fortunately, I put a little seasoning on them before I left.  There was nothing wrong with the fries, but a little bit of seasoning made the fries pretty tasty.

French Fries w/Seasoning Salt

Town Fried Chicken is a greasy joint who’s focus is getting food out quick and cheap.  It’s not the best chicken in town, but it’s the kind of greasy place that will do a lot of business in a neighborhood.  You can call in your order and walk to the store with the expectation it will be hot and waiting for you when you get there.  This isn’t a place you go out of the way for.  It’s a place that you go to when you’re nearby and looking for someone else to do the cooking for you.

Town Fried Chicken & Pizza Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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