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Tacos El Cunado – Grandville Avenue

June 15, 2015

  • 1342 Grandville Avenue SW
  • Grand Rapids, MI 49503
  • (616) 452-1266
  • No Known Website
  • Menu

Well, might as well make it all of the Tacos El Cunado in Grand Rapids.  There was only one left that I haven’t been to and I just so happened to be in that area the other night.  I wasn’t even planning on stopping for dinner, but I saw the brightly painted building just down the street from where I was and figured why the heck not.

The Grandville Avenue Tacos El Cunado is, obviously, on Grandville Avenue SW just before Grandville turns in to Chicago Drive in the City of Wyoming.  The building is hard to miss.  It’s a small shop painted bright green with a large, yellow “TACOS” sign on the roof.  The building has a few tables in doors, but most people seem to sit on the covered patio next to the parking lot when the weather is nice.

It was getting pretty late in to my shift and I still had some work to do in the office, so I went inside to place an order to-go.  Like the Burton Street location, this one is more of a sit-down restaurant, but a waitress noticed me standing near the kitchen looking at the window and asked if I was doing carry-out.

They have an awfully large menu at the Tacos El Cunado on Grandville and they will have on their menu board “Taco Americano” where they will make it more like a Taco Bell taco with lettuce, cheese, and tomato.

I went with the Taco Regular and chose steak as my meat.  I ordered four of them and asked for just cilantro (no onion) and some extra of the red hot sauce they throw in with the tacos.

I had a really simple order, but I was still surprised at how quickly the order came up.  I sat down in the small dining room to wait and not long after sitting down, the waitress was coming out with my meal.  I paid the $8 (plus tip) bill with cash and headed back to the office.

Once again, when I sat down to eat, I was swarmed by co-workers who were angry I didn’t bring them food, but in all honesty, I wasn’t planning on going out to eat and definitely wasn’t planning on stopping for delicious tacos.

Out of all four Tacos El Cunado locations (Downtown Market, Bridge Street, Burton Street) these were the best by far.  The meat was so tender and had a spicy seasoning to it.  There was just a little bit of grease left on the meat which softened up the already warm tortillas.  Once the hot sauce was on, there was no putting the taco down.  These tacos were so delicious and almost as good as my favorite tacqueria just a few blocks away.

I love that Grand Rapids has so many great options for authentic Mexican food.  I love a good taco and Tacos El Cunado always hands me a good one…this location on Grandville is my favorite of the four though.

Four Tacos Regular

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