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Tacos El Cunado – Burton

May 31, 2015

  • 455 Burton Street SW
  • Grand Rapdis, MI 49507
  • (616) 248-9099
  • Website
  • Menu

Mmmmmm.  Tacos.  Seriously.  I love delicious tacos.  Not crappy American tacos, but the really good ones on corn tortillas with tender, spicy meat, and cilantro.  No lettuce.  No tomatoes.  No sour cream.  Just a simple combination of delicious food wrapped up in a warm, crumbly flour tortilla.

One day last week, a Co-Worker asked if we could stop at Tacos El Cunado at the Downtown Market before we started our tasks for the day.  I wasn’t hungry at the time and didn’t want to get out the car, so he hopped out and came back with a foil wrapped pack of tacos that haunted me for several days afterwards.  Why, oh why, did I not get out of the car and get a couple?

A few days later I was working with the same Co-Worker and we happened upon another Tacos El Cunado.  We drove by first, completed our task, then I went out of the way to head back to it because, this time, I wanted tacos.

Tacos El Cunado has, I believe, four Grand Rapids area locations.  Besides the one at the market, I’ve also eaten at the Bridge Street location which is just a carry-out.

The Tacos El Cunado on Burton is right at the intersection with Towner Avenue SW.  The building looks like it used to be part of a small strip mall, but now it houses the taco joint and what may or may not be an active grocery store.  

C.W. and I walked in a little after 7:00 on a Thursday night.  To my surprise, this was a sit-down, full service restaurant.  I was really just expecting an order counter and a few chairs to wait for our order, but there are a number of booths and tables and most of them were pretty full.

There is a counter near the back of the space there and one of the waitresses noticed us looking at the menu standing there.  She asked if we just wanted to do carry-out and I said yes, so she took our orders right there then we sat at a booth and waited until the food came out.

I am a creature of habit and it really doesn’t matter what taco place I go to, I pretty much always order five steak tacos with just cilantro.  They typically come with onions, but they really don’t need that.  I don’t like onions and they’re always delicious without.

The bill for five tacos ran just a hair over $10 which I paid for with cash.

It took about ten minutes for my name to be called and bag with a foil wrapped pouch of tacos to be handed to me.  I grabbed it then waited patiently as C.W. waited for his tacos then we headed back to the office.

When I opened the bag, I was surprised to see a couple of extra foil pouches.  They also included grilled peppers and onions which I didn’t need nor want, so unfortunately, they went right to the garbage while I grabbed the salsa and poured it over the meat.

Outside of hamburgers, pizza, and wings, tacos are my favorite food.  I just loved the crumbly corn tortillas that hold in the tender chopped steak.  By the time the salsa is added, the tortilla doesn’t have much of a chance and it becomes a race against time to get everything in my mouth before it falls on my lap.

There are so many great taco places in Grand Rapids that it can be difficult to find the one  you like.  Lucky for me, I like several and they’re all pretty near where I spend most of my time.  Tacos El Cunado is another great taco restaurant and one I know I can always get the deliciousness I crave.

5 Steak Tacos w/Cilantro

Steak Tacos w/Cilantro

Tacos El Cunado on Urbanspoon

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